How to Make Money Online with Your Own Topical Content Site

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How to Make Money Online with Your Own Topical Content Site

The best way to make money online, no matter what method you use, is to reach out to a targeted group of people with a singular interest. There are billions of people on the Internet every day, talking about billions of different topics and you simply won’t be heard if you try to talk to all of them at once. You can, however, attract the attention of small groups of like-minded people when you focus your voice. Here’s how to make money online with your own topical content site.

A topical content site addresses the specific needs of a select group of people. For example, maybe you want to focus your attention on people who need information on breeding thoroughbred horses. Then you would build a content site and fill it with only the information these people would find useful.

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In a way, a topical content site is similar to a niche blog. You do the same keyword research to find a profitable niche. The difference is that the content is a little tighter and more focused than the content you’d find on a blog because of the way topical content sites are monetized.

Generally, topical sites are monetized with Google Adsense ads. And in order to get a great click through rate and a higher payout per click, you have to use extremely focused content.

Niche bloggers, on the other hand, generally focus their content, but they tend to include content that’s maybe interesting but focuses on a different keyword. For example, a niche blogger in the Dog Training niche might write an interesting blog post about how well her hamster and dog get along together.

If you did that on a topical content site, it could have adverse effects on your Adsense earnings. With a content site, the more focused you are with your keyword usage, the better your results.

Now, that’s not to say that you can’t use some other form of monetization on your content site. Many marketers start off with Adsense and then add in a product from Clickbank or Commission Junction. Generally, though, that’s only after they’ve targeted their traffic and started getting their ad clicks.

As you can probably guess, being able to do extensive keyword research is a plus if you’re going to set up topical content sites. If all of your experience so far has been with a few Adsense Ads on your niche blog, then you might be surprised to learn that there are ads out there than can earn you $40, $50 or even more when one of your visitors gives them a click. When you’re only making $7 for a Clickbank commission, then you can see the benefit of setting up content sites.

Internet Marketers who specialize in topical content sites will often spend days researching to find just the right niche. Not only do they choose their keywords based on the number of searches and the existing competition, but they also look at what advertisers are bidding for those keywords. If you can find a niche where there are a lot of searches and little competition and the advertiser is paying big bucks for clicks, then you’ve found a profitable topic for your content site.

Again, though, the strength of your site lies in your keyword selection and content creation. To get those high paying ads to show up on your site you need to use all the right keywords in all the right places to attract just the right ads. Yet your content needs to sound natural when you’re done. You still need to be providing high quality content that engages the reader and keeps them on your page.

The goal with a niche blog is to get the reader to click through to your landing page or the advertiser’s sales page and hope that they purchase the product. If they do, you’ll make a commission.

The goal with a content site is to keep the reader on the page and engage them with your content. You want them to be interested enough in your topic that when they are ready to leave your page they’ll click on one of the relevant Adsense ads to get more information.

Because some of those Adsense Ads can generate such high click through rates, a lot of Internet marketers won’t put any other links at all on their blogs. No Clickbank ads or links to other blogs or a Facebook page or anything. If you really want to make money online with topical content sites, they you want the reader on the page until they’re finished reading and when they’re ready to leave you want them to click on one of the Adsense ads.

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