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How to Make Money Online with Twitter

I’ll be the first to admit that I avoided the social networks like the plague. I thought they were a huge waste of time that would be better spent on other, more profitable types of traffic generation. In my opinion, the only thing social networks were good for was, well, socializing and who has time for that? But then I learned a valuable lesson. Read on and I’ll tell you how to make money online with Twitter.

Like a lot of people, I’ve had several Twitter accounts. I set the first one up years ago when I was just getting my feet wet in Internet Marketing. At that time, Twitter was still a relatively new site and everyone was talking about the huge marketing potential. So I set up that first site and, because I was so new, I didn’t really follow the right people. My Tweeting was inconsistent anyway so not many people followed me and eventually I just forgot about it.

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About a year ago I decided to give Twitter one more try. I had a free weekend coming up with nothing else to do. So I chose another new user name and this time I carefully crafted my profile page and selectively chose the first 50 people I would follow. Then I started Tweeting. And I’m still at it, more than 10000 Followers later.

Decide why you’re Tweeting

The first thing you need to do, before you even create your account, is decide why you want to use Twitter. Obviously, you want to use it to make money in some way and the key is to use your account to attract the people who would be most likely to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

You’ll have to choose people to follow, first. And they will probably be the first people who start following you. So choose those first people wisely. Do a keyword search for people to follow and again, use keywords relevant to the audience you’re trying to attract.

In my opinion, the most important thing you can do with your Twitter account is choose the right people to follow in the beginning. Like I said, these will be the first people to start following you. They’ll be the first people to start seeing your Tweets. You want to choose people who would at some point be interested in purchasing whatever it is you’re selling. And this can get confusing.

For example, if you’re a freelance article writer, you don’t want to follow other article writers, you’d want to follow webmasters who might eventually have need of your services. If you’re selling dog food you wouldn’t want to follow other people who have blogs about dogs, you’d want to follow people who own dogs. That’s why it’s important that you know what you want to achieve before you start setting up your account.

And believe it or not, people will look at your profile and they will follow that link back to your blog. So it’s important that you be creative with your profile. Creative in a way that makes you sound like a human being, someone with a personality, and not a sales person.

Quit trying to sell something with your Tweets

I’m currently following almost 3,000 people (across multiple accounts) and if I wanted to I could spend all day on Twitter now because I’m engaged with the people I follow and the people who follow me. Yes, I respond to Tweets, I get involved in conversations, and I even click on links.

However, I almost never click on links that come from the cheesy Internet Marketers I follow. You know the links I’m talking about – the links that go to sales pages. “Get 10,000 Twitter Followers This Weekend!” “Earn Money While You Sleep!” These links are junk – you know it, I know it, and your Followers know it. That’s NOT what works on Twitter.

What does work on Twitter is to get in there and meet people. Be yourself. When you see an interesting conversation, join in. Start an interesting conversation. Share links to interesting content – whether it’s relevant to your niche or not. Let your followers see that you’re a real person.

To be successful with Twitter you can’t just load up some automated Tweeting program and then ignore your followers. I have dozens of loyal blog followers now because I’ve connected personally with these people on Twitter. I’ve re-tweeted their Tweets. I’ve mentioned them on Follow Friday. I answer their riddles, join in their contests, ask them for help, and send them to fun blog posts I find when I’m surfing the net.

Twitter should be used to help develop your brand, to let people know who you are and what you stand for. Send out three or four links to your blog each day, and use the rest of your Tweets to connect personally with your followers. I know it’s hard to believe, but you will make money with Twitter if you stop selling stuff and start being friendly.

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  1. Nilesh

    Hey Steven, Twitter is a great social networking website for prompting your own business as I am a blogger so it is good for me for my blog by engaging the visitors from there. So, thanks for this nice post or tips.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Nilesh. You’re absolutely right, nowadays Twitter MUST be part of bloggers’ plan of action.

  2. Bbrian017

    Hi Dukeo, overall I’ve used Twitter to help market my rss customers. I constantly tweet their article and help put their content in front of other bloggers. This is my job and it’s what my Twitter accounts are all about. If I was asked if I made money with Twitter I would say yes, as I charge my customers in the overall package to market their content on this social media site.

    1. Steven

      It sounds like a good approach since you are not selling over and over through your tweets…

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    Spare the pitches. Tweet value become valuable. Thanks Steven!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for stopping by, Ryan. That’s so true… Stop going for the hard sale. Just give and you shall receive ;)

  4. George

    If i just say amazing post i’ll be considered a spammer. But consider the fact that i typed in all the info above with a mobile. People advice me so many wrong ways of making money with twitter and i can say that this is the right way. What could be more right. Speak listen follow understand care.

    1. Steven

      Indeed leaving a 2 words comment is often associated with spam ;)

      I’m glad you appreciate my explanation about how to make money with twitter and hopefully, more people will get inspired to do the right things!

  5. George

    Oh yes they will be inspired. Slow and steady but i am sure about winning the race. Thanks for the prompt reply.

  6. Allie

    I really like this statement “Send out three or four links to your blog each day, and use the rest of your Tweets to connect personally with your followers.”

    I just started to use Twitter to connect on a more personal level and I have seen my numbers rise slowly. I still share and write about biz stuff too.
    I connected my Pinterest and Instagram accounts to it so I can show my followers more about my personal life. I can do this in my niche, which is mostly moms. We all love to connect as moms.


    1. Steven

      It sounds like you have a very nice plan in action. Congratulations!

      The key is to not over-do it in regards to promotion with Twitter. Make yourself human and accessible so people can relate with their own experiences, then you will see more and more people connect with you :)

    2. Allie

      That is true, not overdo it. I don’t know if I have time to overdo it, lol. But it is possible so thanks for the reminder. Have a great weekend!


    3. Steven

      Thank you. Have an awesome weekend!


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