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How to Make Money Online with Squidoo

I’m a huge fan of Squidoo and I wanted to talk to you about it today because I don’t think people realize all the potential there is with this site. I think most people kind of put it in the category with article directories or Hub Pages and such, but it’s really much more than that. In fact, the money making possibilities with Squidoo are almost unlimited. So today I’m going to talk a little about how to make money online with Squidoo. is a 2.0 site where you create single topic web pages. A few years ago their reputation took a little turn for the worse when affiliate marketers started abusing the system and spamming the place up with make-money-online offers, acai berry diet aids and male sexual enhancement products. Squidoo eventually put their foot down and cleaned up the site and when they Panda Poop hit the fan they came through unscathed with their PR6 rating still intact.

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That PR6 rating is pretty important for a couple of reasons

Backlinks: With most article directory sites you’re allowed to include one or two links back to your website – in the resource box. Well, first of all, yeah, you get 2 backlinks, so you get a little more visibility with the search engines. But who really reads resource boxes? Most people who use article marketing automatically assume that the main benefit is the backlinks they get out of it and that any extra traffic they get is a side benefit.

But with a Squidoo Lens you get at least 9 links – and that’s just in the body of your Lens. Then you can add a Favorite Links module, and an RSS module, and an Amazon module to get even more links. And those links are all coming from a PR6 site which means they add to the authority of YOUR site.

Index position: Like I said, Squidoo had already cleaned up their site before all of these big Google changes so they carry a lot of weight with the search engines. I’ve watched my Lenses move from the bottom of page three to the top of page on in a matter of only a couple of hours. And when you have lenses ranking that high, linking back to your blog, it also adds to the authority and page rank of your site.

Longevity: When you publish an article at one of the directories that’s it, you’re done. But we all know how much Google loves us to update our content periodically. With Squidoo you’re encouraged to go in and update your lenses periodically to keep things fresh for the search engines. This also helps you hold onto the index position longer, and possibly even improve it.

How do You Make Money Online with Squidoo?

The first thing that most Internet marketers think to do is to set up an affiliate marketing lens and be done with it. But if you do that, you’re missing the big picture. Use Squidoo’s page rank to pull your affiliate site up in rankings. Don’t let your lens be the end-all-be-all of your marketing efforts. Here’s what I mean….

The best way to set up a Squidoo Lens is to focus it on one topic or keyword, just as if it were an article. Now, with most of your articles that you have out there, you’re not actually trying to sell something, you’re just trying to build your authority and get traffic back to your website. That’s where you do your real selling. So why should you do anything different with a Lens?

But if you don’t use your lens to sell your affiliate product, what ARE you going to talk about? The same thing you talk about in your articles. Except that, with a Squidoo Lens, you can include lots of images, videos, html elements and other interesting items that keep your reader on the page – and a LOT more links!

The stats speak for themselves

I recently spent 5 afternoons writing 25 articles to post at Ezine Articles. Then, a few weeks later, I spent one afternoon creating a Squidoo Lens. The incoming traffic is pretty equal, but here’s the difference:

The traffic from Squidoo is better quality. With my Squidoo lens I’m able to link to 2 other related lenses as well as my blog. I’m also able to link to my Facebook Fan Page and my Twitter account. Plus, I included the RSS module with the feed from my blog.

I can literally watch my stats and see Squidoo readers jumping from point to point all around the network of information I’ve created, whereas the Ezine readers come to my blog and then leave.

Think Outside the Box

The key with Squidoo is to think outside the box and take advantage of everything the platform has to offer. The average person gets bored to tears after reading a couple of those bland articles at Ezine. But with Squidoo you can make your lenses eye-catching and entertaining and keep those readers on the page.

I don’t even think about monetizing my lenses until I’m done and when I do, it’s just to include a link to one of my own sales pages. In fact, I think one of them has no monetization at all. But they sure are helping generate sales on my blog.

If you haven’t done it before, then it’s time to give Squidoo a look-see. If you have tried it, and you still have questions about how to make money online with Squidoo, ask away in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer.

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    Great post. I was actually just thinking about making a Lens for a niche site I’m working on. Very good way to build some backlinks :)

  2. Sebasb

    Oh my, have so much to learn still… I’m so glad I’m back in the game.


    1. Steven

      Stick around and you’ll learn a lot ;)

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