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How to Make Money Online with MySpace

It might seem strange to see an article about how to make money online with MySpace. A lot of Internet marketers will tell you that Myspace is dead but that’s precisely the reason you should take a look at it as a new vehicle for marketing. Now that everyone has moved their marketing efforts over to Facebook, the Myspace playing field is wide open and just waiting for you to jump in with both feet.

Social Media Marketing seems to be the watch word lately and, of course, when you think of social networks the first to come to mind is Facebook. But, just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge Facebook by it membership numbers. Facebook might claim 600 million users, but think about this – how many Facebook accounts do YOU have? I know I have at least 10 or 12 myself. And I only use one!

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And if you follow the news, Facebook membership numbers are actually beginning to fall off. And what group are those numbers coming from? The younger crowd. Those users who prefer something a little more exciting than a plain, blue and white page. Something like Myspace, for example.

Yes, Myspace is alive and well and plenty of people still socialize there. So listen up and I’ll give you a few ideas of how to make money online with Myspace!

Know the members: Myspace is primarily a social network comprised of young, hip, music lovers and they gather there for their Indie music fix. Popular topics also include bands, celebrities, television, movies, video games, and entertainment and the user age ranges from 18 to 30. So you won’t find many people there interested in investing for their retirement or looking for a remedy for arthritis. However, you’ll find plenty of people interested in gaming, dating, shopping and anything else that falls under the heading of ‘Entertainment.’

Join Groups: Myspace users have the option of joining Groups and you’ll find just about any interest you can imagine. Do a relevant keyword search for groups who might be interested in whatever it is you’re trying to market and join those Groups.

Make friends and socialize: Myspace is a social network and, just like all the others, you need to get out and make friends if you want your message to be seen. And, just like the other networks, socializing does NOT involve selling. Posting links is allowed but do it too much and you’ll be labeled a spammer and banned.

Be creative: How do you make money online with Myspace if you’re a website designer or code generator? Easy. One of the highest rated searches on Myspace is the term ‘html’. Why? Because, unlike Facebook, Myspace allows users to customize their homepage – and for that they need html. So, if you market anything that has to do with html, you know there will be plenty of people, across all the Myspace groups, who will be interested.

If you’re a website designer or code generator then you need to be marketing yourself on Myspace. In fact, at the ripe old age of 17, Ashley Quail was making over $1 million a year designing Myspace layouts! And she turned down an offer of $17 million for her site!

But Myspace is still, and probably always will be, music and entertainment oriented. For that reason, video sites, gaming sites, and anything celebrity related will always be a good fit. Now, you can look at this in a number of ways: You can sell music, game or video-related products. For example, you could set up a gaming blog and sell game guides, or you could sell newly released DVDs or CDs. You can get creative and use music, games or videos to sell your product. Or you can get even more gutsy and move into offline marketing, promoting Indie bands and entertainment venues on Myspace for a cut of the profits.

But, no matter which direction you decide to take, rest assured, Myspace is alive and well – and the playing field is wide open.

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  1. Shad

    MySpace really?

    1. Steven

      Probably more than you can imagine ;)

  2. Web Design Studio

    Hey…didn’t some Hollywood star just buy in ?

    1. Steven

      Yep, it was bought by Justin Timberlake in June.

    2. Flash Games

      Is it Justin alone? I hear he took a stake in MySpace along with the online advertising company, Specific Media.

  3. Chris

    I think the thought process of this post!

  4. Jony

    Its definitely less crowded than the other social media channels!

    1. Steven

      This is why it may be a good idea to try a few campaigns there !

  5. Justin Dupre

    Cool! so MySpace is still alive and kicking? Thanks for sharing this

  6. Liz

    I would go back to MySpace just for Justin!

  7. Mike

    Why would a Hollywood star buy into a dot com?

  8. Sad Music

    MySpace still manages to cater to a good niche

  9. Anon

    MySpace still has a good sized following!

  10. Donna Anderson

    Any place where people gather, no matter why they gather there, is a good marketplace. You just need to learn to adjust your method to appeal to that market.

  11. First Website

    Just wondering what this would sound to social media experts who once said that resurgence of MySpace is next to impossible!

    1. Steven

      Well, while you can still make some pretty decent money from MySpace, let’s stay realist: MySpace won’t ever be able to come back to the level of its past glory.

    2. First Website

      Yes! Then that would be the biggest social media comeback story ever!

    3. Steven


  12. Mitch

    Wow! Justin bought MySpace! Kool! I didn’t knew that!

    1. Dana

      It’s a new information for me too!

  13. Webdesign Inspiration

    Yes! For now, MySpace is clutter free, but I’m not sure whether it would start following the Facebook strategy!

    1. Anon

      Well said! I have doubts too!

    2. Michelle

      True! Your doubt is justified!

  14. Affmaster

    “MySpace is definitely less crowded”. Well, Jony with 35 million users still hanging out at MySpace how empty is this?

    1. Jony

      Where did you get this stats from? I think it’s outdated.

    2. Affmaster

      It’s Not! What makes you think I’ll post outdated stats?

    3. Jony

      No offense! But don’t you think 35 million is a bit too much!

    4. Affmaster

      You’re just stretching it further. It’s just a data and you can Google it and cross-check it if you wish too.

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