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How to Make Money Online with Facebook

The last time I looked there were more than 750 million registered users on Facebook and if you’ve been hesitant about using it as a marketing venue, you really can’t afford to ignore those numbers any longer. Where else are you going to find that many people all congregated in one place on the Internet? And one of the easiest ways to make money online with Facebook is PPC advertising.

If you’ve tried Google Adwords then you know how challenging PPC advertising can be. More than one marketer has fallen in way over his head with Adwords and lost much more than just his shirt. But Facebook ads are much easier to deal with and you can seriously make money right out of the chute. The most challenging aspect of Facebook is deciding which campaign you want to run next.

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Targeting your ads on Facebook

When you’re targeting your Adwords ads you have to do some pretty extensive keyword research and there’s a lot of flipping back and forth. First the keyword tool, then the search engine, then back to the keyword tool. But with Facebook, everything you need is right there on the page. And you can see you cost per click fluctuate as you adjust your targets.

Targeting your ads on Facebook is much easier. You can target different countries, narrow you demographics, and also add in keywords. As you’re adjusting your targets you can see your cost per click rate change right at the bottom of the page which makes it easy to set a budget and stick with it.

And with Facebook, you can budget as little as one dollar per day if you’d like. That may seem like a drop in the bucket but, depending on your niche, clicks can be had for less than a penny. That’s something you’ll never see at Adwords!

The best performing ads are those which lead to a Fan page. First, Facebook prefers that you keep visitors on site. But ads that lead to Fan pages also include the social sharing buttons so users can share the ads on their news streams. This puts your ad in front of an even broader audience and with that visible social proof you also get more clicks.

But you can also use your ads to send visitors to your own landing page, which makes it a great, inexpensive way to start building your list or send visitors to your PPC affiliate offers.

Use Facebook to grow your list

It seems like every day something new happens at Facebook, some new app comes on the scene. Now you can add an Aweber opt-in form to your Fan page and if you’ve already got a great following this is the perfect way to get them all onto your list.

It’s an easy installation. Just edit your Fan page and click on apps, then select the Aweber app and allow access. Then, just follow the step by step instructions.

Use Facebook Events to communicate with your followers

One overlooked feature of Facebook is the events tab. You may have thousands of fans but if they’re not on your email list you have no way to reach out to them. You can post content on your wall but they’ll only see it if they visit your page or if they don’t have a lot of other posts clogging up their stream.

But you can use Facebook events to talk to all of your fans just like you’d use email. Here are some ideas for scheduling events:

  • Send everyone to a special blog post once a week
  • Send everyone to your opt-in page
  • Send special Fans Only content
  • Schedule a ‘live’ chat on your Fan page
  • Send a Fans Only one time special offer

The possibilities are endless. Your Facebook followers may not be on your Aweber list, but they are listed in your Facebook contacts and you can communicate with them any way you want while on the site. If they don’t want to receive your Events notices they can blog them on their home page, so you don’t even need to worry about bothering anybody with your messages.

And don’t forget, the simple act of creating great, sharable content on your blog or website will help you make money with Facebook because it gets your links out there to a wider audience. Let your readers help you spread the word by giving them content worth sharing. And don’t forget to put a Share button on your blog!

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    its really helpfull article.. so we can also earn money via facebook . good news for fb addicts :)

    1. Steven

      Hey Rohith, as I said in a recent blog post, you can make money online doing whatever you want. So, of course, you can make money online with Facebook!

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