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How to Make Money Online with Craigslist

There was a time when you could post just about anything you wanted on Craigslist but over the years the Terms of Use have gotten a lot stricter. You might go there now and see a stray affiliate marketing ad or two, but chances are they’ll be pulled in just a few hours. If those are your ads and the folks at Craigslist pull enough of them, you run the risk of being banned forever.

The kicker is Craigslist is a free source of advertising and the site gets billions of views each day. You’d be a fool to ignore it but how do you get around that “no affiliate ads” clause? Here are 3 tips for making money with affiliate marketing on Craigslist.

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Advertise physical products

Selling a DVD that has your affiliate link embedded is actually even better than driving someone to your website and asking them to click a link. You’re placing that link directly into their hands and people still prefer holding something tangible in their hands to viewing some unknown entity in cyberspace.

Most affiliate marketers are aware of the boost in sales they receive when they use videos to help promote their products and most already know how to create those videos. Creating multiple copies is a cinch when you use Amazon’s CreateSpace service and the cost is only a few cents each. Mail them out free to those who respond to your ad to avoid being considered a spammer or con artist.

You can also use Amazon’s CreateSpace to produce inexpensive paperback books, CDs and mp3s, all of which could be used to promote your product. And don’t overlook the possibility of including flyers in other physical products like dog food samples or coffee samples, anything that helps promote your offer. By selling physical products that include your affiliate link in some way you’re bypassing that ‘no affiliate offers’ ruling in the Craigslist TOU.

Advertise a seminar

Whatever your product is you should be familiar enough with it that you could conduct a simple seminar. And seminars are not that difficult to set up. You can find free meeting rooms at libraries, churches, civic centers, etc. Some advertisers will be able to provide you with promotional materials. If not, create your own – and remember to include a DVD so people will have a live link they can take home and click on. Better yet, take your laptop along and sign people up right there at the seminar.

Advertise home parties

Take a lesson from those direct sales marketers. There’s a reason that Tupperware, Mary Kay, PartyLite Candles and other direct sales companies are so successful and it’s because of the way the human brain is wired. When you get a group of people together in a room and they’re all having a good time, as soon as one person expresses the desire to have something, the others start to feel that same desire. Use this to your advantage – Take along your laptop and sign people up, right there on the spot! And don’t forget to book more parties before you leave!

Remember, the foks who view Craigslist ads are wary of spammers. Create an informative, engaging ad but don’t go overboard on the sales hype.

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