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How to Make Money Online with Amazon

Amazon is the largest retailer on the Internet and there are so many ways you can make money with that site you could almost give up everything else and concentrate solely on Amazon. Seriously. There are that many opportunities with this company. So let’s make a list, shall we? And at the end we’ll count ’em up and see how many ways there are to make money online with Amazon.

Amazon affiliate – A lot of people pooh-pooh the idea of being an Amazon affiliate because their commissions aren’t the best. And single digit percentages are pretty laughable when you consider you can pick up 75% at Clickbank. However, Amazon has millions of products and it only takes one link for you to get paid commission on everything that shopper buys. Let’s compare…

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Let’s say someone follows your affiliate link for that ‘Make Money Online’ Clickbank product you’re promoting. They buy it, you make a commission from the sale, end of story. They don’t shop around Clickbank looking for something else to buy and the only way you’ll make any more money off that same person is if they come back to your site and follow your affiliate link to something else.

When they follow your affiliate link to that book at Amazon, after they put it in their shopping cart they’ll probably look around for something else to buy. And they have millions of products to choose from. And you’ll get paid commission on every single product they buy.

Amazon marketplace – You can sell physical products in the Amazon marketplace and if you do a little thinking outside the box this can be a great promotional tool. There are different levels to this..

With the basic level you can only list a limited number of products and they must be products that are already listed on Amazon. This has its good and bad points. Good – the only fees you have are the selling fees that Amazon deducts from each sale. Bad – you’re stuck with the product descriptions that are already there and some of them are pretty crappy as far as SEO goes.

At the higher level you can pay a monthly fee, list an unlimited number of products, and you get to enter the description which means you can use SEO and marketing skills to better showcase your products.

Why would you want to? Because at the basic level you handle shipping yourself and you can include any kind of promotional materials you want in the packaging. At the higher level, Amazon fulfillment takes care of shipping and handling and you’re already included promotional materials in the products before you sent them to their warehouse.

And let’s not forget – with the paid membership you can sell anything you want. Think about labeling and branding. The marketing potential is unlimited!

Kindle – One trip to the beach will show you how popular the Kindle has become. It seems like nobody reads real books anymore. And Kindle owners aren’t aware that what they’re basically reading is a pdf file. You might not be able to get someone to pay for or opt in for a pdf download but if you tell them they can get it for their Kindle they whip out their wallet! The next time you’re getting ready to promote an ebook, make it available on Kindle, too, and see just how many more sales you get.

CreateSpace – And the next time you get ready to promote an ebook, take a look at Amazon’s CreateSpace, too. I know you see a lot of Kindles out there but real books are far from dead. The majority of people still prefer to read a real book. In fact, I recently read an article that said that even though high school and college students love their gadgets, when it comes to reading, they prefer real books. And if you think about it, which do you keep more organized and take better care of – all the pdf files you have stashed all over your hard drive or the books you have in your bookcase?

Selling an ebook is quick and easy. You create on file, upload it and you’re done. Publishing a real book is almost as easy with CreateSpace and people will pay a lot more for a book they can actually hold in their hand. And you still only have to upload your file one time.

Publish your blog – You can even make money by publishing your blog for Kindle readers. It only takes about 5 minutes for you to set up a free Kindle account (yes, it’s different than your regular Amazon acount and no, you don’t have to have a Kindle.) and you just fill in the blanks with your URL and BAM! Your blog is available on Kindles everywhere! You don’t make a ton of money at this. Amazon sets the subscription price which is usually between 1 and 2 dollars per month. And you only get a percentage of that. But hey – it’s still money. And that’s what we’re talking about here – how to make money online with Amazon.

Ok, I count 5 but if you really start digging into this list and get a little creative you can come up with at least eleventy fifty ways to make money with Amazon – at least! Kinda makes you want to put on the ol’ thinking cap, doesn’t it?

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  1. Amazon Wordpress Plugin

    If you have a review type blog you can try monetizing bouncing traffic with Amazon products. You can use a wordpress plugin – WP Bounce. It automatically generates keywords, pulls products from Amazon and shows them in a lightbox window. It’s easy to set up and a great source of additional passive income.

    1. Steven

      I’m more an advocate of having a few posts about products or books and linking them to Amazon… That’s actually what I’m doing with book reviews on Dukeo.

  2. Bbrian017

    Hi dukeo, correct me if I’m wrong but is this affiliate program only for Americans or have they opened it up now? I would love to give this a try…

    1. Steven

      It’s always been open for foreigners… You can also join other affiliate programs on,,, …

  3. Jaime

    That’s great info! I just recently got into the affiliate game and this is great info for me. I got an affiliate account set up with amazon associates…hopefully that’s the right one, but I got accepted by skimlinks…what do you think of them? I’d be curious to read your feedback…thanks for the great post…just when I think I have done well, along comes something better…lol. Thanks again.

    Traffic Blog Cafe

    1. Steven

      I am also working as an Amazon Associate and generate a decent income through their affiliate program…

  4. Buysellwordpress

    Kindle has already replaced ordinary books! You are completely right about it!

    1. Steven

      I’m not totally sure about that. I still have trouble reading on electronic devices (even though that’s very convenient to have books into these little things). And I like too much the object “book” to drop it completely.

  5. Melissa

    I personally don’t like reading something on such devices. I prefer reading ordinary books, as they are. I still buy them from time to time

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