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How to Make Money Online with a Topical Article Directory

I love to set up directory websites because you never run out of niches or content. Small business directories, Internet Marketing website directories, affiliate network directories. If there’s a niche then a directory is always a good idea. And setting up an online topical article directory that actually makes money is easy.

There are hundreds of article directories on the Internet. Some are general directories broken down into dozens of categories and sub-categories. Most of these directories have a relatively high page rank but as you’ll see in a moment, not all of them are high quality sites.

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These general directories have two functions. On one side of the equation, they’re used by Internet marketers for link building purposes and to promote their sites. They write articles that include a link back to their website and publish these articles on directories to build valuable backlinks.

On the other side of the coin is the article directory itself. Most directories have some type of advertising on site – generally Google Adsense – and the articles that they accept are used to attract traffic to convert into clicks.

Article marketing is one of the most effective methods for link building and traffic generation but it has one key drawback. The article directory you choose to host your articles has to have a good reputation with the search engines, otherwise the links you build are worthless and may even end up getting your site de-indexed. So, if you want to make money online with a topical article directory you need to create a quality site that ranks well in the search engines.

A topical article directory is one which focuses on a particular topic or niche. For example, you may want to create a directory for articles about the Real Estate profession or articles about the legal profession. Focusing on a specific niche makes it easier to SEO your site and makes it that much more attractive to the people who write articles.

Here’s how it works: Webmasters use article marketing to promote their sites. They want to publish their articles on high ranking directories because it gives more value to their backlinks and it brings in more traffic. So the first thing you need to do is build your site, fill it with some informative content and start getting it ranked.

The emphasis here is on the word ‘quality’. You need those webmasters to post articles on your directory so you can attract traffic to click on your ads. And we all know that you need targeted traffic to be successful in the ad game. So if you want to attract article marketers who actually write quality content then you need to provide a quality site.

Those article marketers are relying on you to make sure your directory continues to improve in ranking and they’re counting on your to make sure your directory is SEO tight so their articles also rank well. They’re also relying on you to promote your directory as a source of information so you’ll attract search traffic.

As you can see, there’s a lot more involved in setting up any type of directory than just buying a domain name and building a site.

When we talk about article directories there are a few that always come to mind. Ezine Articles, for one. A lot of people who use article marketing to promote their sites complain about how difficult it is to get their articles published at Ezine. They say Ezine is too picky about the articles they’ll accept. But if you think about it, it’s really in everyone’s best interest.

If an article directory has low standards for acceptance then that means they’re going to have a lot of poor quality content on the site. That crappy content doesn’t do anything to help the directory itself rank well with the search engines and if the directory doesn’t rank well neither do your articles.

That pooe quality content also doesn’t do anything to attract the targeted traffic that would click on the ads. And if the directory isn’t making any money it’s not going to stick around for long.

There are dozens of programs you can use to automate your directory but the first thing you always need to keep in mind is the quality of the articles you’re accepting. In the end, it’s your website and you have every right to be choosy about what you publish because it’s your income that will be effected. You can make a lot of money with online topical article directories as long as you make quality your first concern.

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  1. Shazida Khatun

    Article directory has become back dated SEO strategies,now this days. However thanks for the share.

    1. Steven

      I know a lot of people who are still successfully using Article directories. Don’t blindly follow and repeat what you read on a few blogs. There are a lot of techniques which are supposed to be dead, but actually still work like a charm.

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