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How to Make Money Online with a Blog

As blogs continue to gain fame and popularity, many people are considering the idea of creating their own. If you are among them then your first question is likely going to be how you can make money with one. The answer is not a simple one. You cannot do one thing and create a successful blog and income stream. Instead it takes many different factors that work together to ensure that you have the success you are after.

  1. The Idea: The first and foremost thing you must consider is the idea. You need something that is entirely original and that you know something about. What is the purpose of your blog going to be? Will you provide information? Will you sell a product? Deciding the concept and how you can present it should come before any hopes of making money with the blog. This is necessary to establish yourself and it also helps you keep your focus.
  2. The Brand: Once you have an idea and have created the blog you will need to brand yourself. A brand is nothing more than your identity. Think of your favorite business and what do you see? Often a logo, specific colors and maybe even what they are known for. The same should be true of your blog. You will have a logo, design and something you become well known for.
  3. The Traffic: Nothing is as important to your blog in the beginning as traffic. People need to be on your site to be reading it. This means you have to get them there. Short of emailing people, this will require some advertising and marketing. There are many ways to accomplish this. Friends and family. Social Networking sites. Related blogs. Forums. All of these are valid ways to promote your own blog.
  4. The subscribers and List: Once you have the traffic flow you need more. You need them to subscribe to your blog and join your mailing list. There are many ways to do this. Offer contests. Give away free items. Whatever you find that works is suitable as long as it encourages people to sign up.
  5. The Content: Now that you have readers it is important to keep your content up to par. Your readers expect something from you and you want to give it. Think about your target audience. Imagine what they would like to see. Now take the time and write for them. This will make your content valuable and you will see better results.

Making money with a blog is not something that happens overnight. Many people start off and take quite a while before their blog is noticed. Some are fortunate and it takes off right away. The amount of success you can have will depend on your idea and the work that you put in. With the right effort, you will also see great success. Then your readers can see that believing in you paid off for them as well.

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  1. Keith

    imo there are too many bloggers today that make blogs purely based on the idea of making money from it. I too fell victim to this and there is only so long you can keep it going if you are not genuinely interested in your topic. This is why #1 is the most important, because by picking the right topic you are setting up yourself up for long term success.

  2. Ivin

    Hello Steven. I gotta be honest with you. My first blog is pretty successful what traffic, metrics etc are concerned, but can’t say I’m making a decent living from it. I am however making my money from providing services to online clients and brick and mortar businesses. I’ve tried everything – and I’m yet to see great retunrs on my investments of about $3500 to date in the last year I’ve been blogging.

  3. Commissionsmasher

    Blogging is definately a great way to make passive income

    1. Steven


  4. Ricardo Bartolata

    Nice blog ..would love to share this article !

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