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How to Make Money Online Tutoring Students

More and more teachers are becoming discouraged with their careers. Pay cuts, cuts in benefits and compensation packages, longer school days and politics don’t help. But what makes it even worse is the lack of respect from students and parents and the fact that more and more parents hold teachers completely responsible for raising their children. If you’ve had it with the school system or you just want to make some extra money in your spare time you can make money online tutoring students.

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The sad thing about this whole ordeal is that it’s really the students who suffer. The general feeling these days is that our school systems are failing the students and that students are graduating with only minimal skills and education. Strong students aren’t being challenged to excel and weaker students are being passed through the system just to get them out of the way. As more and more parents begin to understand that their child’s future is at stake, they’re turning to tutors to help give their children the education they need.

Teachers are a passionate group of people and most are caught between a rock and a hard place. They understand that students need more time and personal attention. But classrooms are becoming increasingly overcrowded and budget cuts prohibit hiring on more staff. These passionate educators are willing to do whatever it takes to help children get a better education and more and more of them are turning to online tutoring as a way to reach the children who need help the most.

Online tutoring is becoming more popular every day. Parents appreciate it because they don’t have to find time to drive their children to a tutor’s home and their children are getting the expert help they need. Students like it because they can learn in the comfort of their own home and what teenager doesn’t enjoy working on the Internet. And teachers especially like it because they’re able to reach out and help more students and at the same time they’re supplementing their income.

To find websites in need of tutors just do a Google search for online tutoring jobs. Most of the sites you see are either free or they charge a small annual fee. You sign up, fill in your profile listing your areas of expertise, and the sites match you up with people who need tutors.

Some of these sites work on a bidding system where you have to bid against other teachers for the tutoring jobs. At first glance, it might seem like the only way to get the jobs is to be the lowest bidder. But that’s not always the case. At first you may have to work for lower fees but as your experience grows, your fees can grow, too. Parents and people who hire tutors understand that it’s not always all about the price.

The benefit of using these online tutoring sites is that the sites take care of all the necessary promotion. They do the necessary advertising and optimization to attract clients who need tutors and they pay to maintain the site.

After you’ve worked with some of these online tutoring sites for a while you’re going to realize that you could probably make even more money if you had your own tutoring business. If that’s the case then you should set up your own website and start promoting your own online business. It takes some work but it’s well worth the time and effort, believe me.

When you’re working for those tutoring sites you’re limited in how much you can earn. You have to wait for them to find clients and you can only work so many hours a day. But if you had your own website you could not only offer your tutoring services, you could branch out and offer other products and services.

For example, you’re a teacher. Who knows better what your students need to help make the learning process easier or more fulfilling? You could write ebooks or small guides and sell them on your own website. If you’re a math teacher you might have some special tricks you use to help students learn their multiplication tables. Or if you’re a high school English teacher you may have some special techniques you use to teach poetry. These little teaching tips and tricks of yours are valuable and people would be willing to pay good money for your ebooks.

If you’re passionate about teaching – and most teachers are – put your passion to work. You can make money online tutoring students full-time and escape the rat race, just by doing what you do best.

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    Thanks for the post. The really cool thing is that you can find teachers and students from anywhere across the world! It’s a big chance to take advantage of. So, you can get decent education for reasonable money.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Kenneth! There are really a lot of opportunities in tutoring online students…

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