How to Make Money Online Starting Your Own Local Fashion Tours

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How to Make Money Online Starting Your Own Local Fashion Tours

If you’re a shopper and you know where all the best shops in town are located, you can make money online with your own local fashion tours. Of course, if you’re a die-hard shopper you might end up spending it just as fast as you make it. But at least you’ll have it to spend, right?

A fashion tours business is a strong business model if you live in a larger town that has lots of shopping. And it works especially well if you’re in a tourist area. One thing tourists always love to do is shop. And you don’t have to stick with just fashion tours either. If your town has a lot of craft shops or antique shops, those would make great tours, too.

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To conduct fashion or shopping tours you’re going to have to like dealing with the public. At least until your business grows large enough for you to hire someone else to do it. You’ll be guiding your groups around town, to all the different shops on your list, and that means you’re going to spend a good deal of your day socializing. But, if you love to shop, then you probably don’t mind being out in the public all day.

You’ll also need to know where the best shops in town are located. Tourists can visit the big box stores at home. They want to see the unique shopping locations your town has to offer. The little shops on the square downtown or the designer who has a shop over the restaurant. They want a shopping experience not just a day at the mall.

Once you’ve mapped out a route to some of the exciting shopping areas in your town, visit the shops on your route and let them know what you’re doing. They may be willing to pay you a small percentage of any sales generated by the members of your tour groups.

It’s also a good idea to let them know you’ll be bringing extra traffic through their shops so they can make sure they have enough help on hand to handle the traffic. They may also want to set up a special display of sale items specifically for your group. Work with the stores on your route to create unique promotional opportunities that will benefit both of you.

Depending on the area you’re going to cover with your tour you may want to line up a bus or a van to shuttle people between shopping and hotels. If not, you’re going to have a lot of tired people at the end of your tour. They’ll be shopping and carrying packages all day so at least make arrangements for everyone to rest sometime during the tour.

Which brings us to restaurants. Not everyone likes to shop til they drop. Make sure you have some restaurants and cafes on your tour route so those who want to take a break can find a nice cup of coffee and lunch if they want it. Even hard-core shoppers need to rest and refuel. And make sure there are plenty of restrooms along your route, too.

To promote your fashion tour business you can set up an exciting website. Tourists always scan the Internet for activities before they visit a new city and if you have a website they can contact you to ask about your tours.

Include information about all the unique shops and designers in your area. Talk up the excellent dining along your route. Let them know about the buses you’ve lined up and the beautiful route you’ll be following. And don’t forget to include the hours of operation for your tour, your fee, the meeting times and places, and lots of contact information in case they need to ask you some questions.

Once your business takes off you can start work expanding. As mentioned earlier you could start tours of antique shops, or craft shops or flea markets.

Ghost tours are becoming increasingly popular in cities all across America. Everyone is interested in ghosts, vampires, werewolves and anything else that goes bump in the night. And this is a great way to increase your income without interfering with your fashion tour business.

You’ll be conducting your fashion tours during the daylight hours and ghost tours usually take place at night – after it gets dark. After all, it’s no fun to tell ghost stories during the day time. If you’re worried about the expense of adding a bus or van to shuttle your daytime shopping passengers back and forth with all their packages, a Ghost Tour is an excellent way to make up that extra income.

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