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How to Make Money Online Starting Your Own Email Newsletter Service

If you’ve subscribed to any mailing lists you’re probably receiving an email newsletter every week from at least one of your favorite blogs. They’re great because most bloggers make sure they’re packed with interesting articles and tips. And some bloggers even include special information that they don’t share with their regular readers. Somebody has to create those newsletters, though, and it could be you. Here’s how you can make money online starting your own email newsletter service.

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When you’re reading your favorite blog you might have noticed that subscription form up in the corner. ‘Subscribe to my free weekly newsletter.‘ For bloggers and Internet marketers, it’s important to get people to subscribe to their email list because they use the list for marketing purposes.

It’s not easy getting people to part with their email address though so most bloggers will offer some type of incentive. More and more bloggers are offering a free weekly newsletter for two reasons:

It encourages reader loyalty – By sending out a newsletter every week the subscriber is reminded to visit the blog.

Increase brand recognition – It’s another opportunity for the blogger to convey their message to the subscriber.

Somebody has to create those newsletters

Some bloggers take the easy way out and just hook up their Feedburner feed to their Aweber account and once a week they send out a recap of all their recent blog posts. But if your subscribers are visiting your blog regularly then they’ve already seen all of that. A newsletter is supposed to be packed with new news, not just a bunch of repetitive crap. That subscriber handed over his email address and he’s expecting something exciting in his email every week.

The problem is, most bloggers just don’t have the imagination to put together a great email newsletter. And those that do don’t have the time. That’s where you can help. You can put together their newsletters for them and make some money when you do it.

It’s easy enough to set up. You’ll need a blog yourself so you can promote your services. And what better way to do that than to set up your own awesome free weekly newsletter? Your subscribers will see how creative and interesting your newsletters are and before you know it they’ll be hiring you to create their newsletters, too.

What goes into a killer newsletter?

If you’re going to charge money for your newsletters you need to know how to create killer content that’s going to knock the socks off of anyone who reads it.

The first thing you’ll need to do is read the blog to get a feel for what type of content the blogger likes to share with their readers. Be sure to look at the comments, too, and if the blogger links to other blogs, check those out, too.

Your newsletter should include a brief recap of the posts for the previous week. Nothing too detailed. Just enough to remind readers they need to visit the blog.

You can also include links to other relevant content that you find on the Internet. For example, if the blogger typically refers their readers to other blogs, maybe you could refer to an exciting post, recap it and give the subscribers a link. Subscribers appreciate informative content and sending them to another blog doesn’t mean they’ll never come back. It just gives them more information – something they’re usually grateful for.

Do some brief research, if you’re not already familiar with the niche, and create a list of tips for the week, or a how-to article. Or turn one of your newsletters into a survey or poll.

The key thing to remember is that each of your newsletters should be packed with high quality information. Again, subscribers handed over their email addresses because they were expecting something exceptional – not just the same old dreck. And it’s very easy for them to hit that unsubscribe button if they think you’re just sending them rubbish.

It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with formatting an Aweber newsletter so you can submit yours to your clients and all they’ll have to do is load it up and hit send. It’s not difficult really but there is a little bit of a difference between the standard format and the html format.

The next time you see a subscription form on your favorite blog, go ahead and join. Start collecting some of these newsletters and use them to help you with ideas for your own email newsletter service.

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  1. Julia Spencer

    I can tell for sure that this kind of activity isn’t for me at all. I belong to those people who don’t like even to get them

    1. Steven

      Julia, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table by not considering email newsletter services…

  2. Carl

    Interesting article… however it seems as if you left out the most important part…. how to make money! You gave us no details, tips or information about making money with a newsletter whatsoever.

    1. Steven

      I did not let it out. You’re just not seeing it because I do not offer a magic bullet. Here, let me say it again for you: to make money online starting your own email newsletter, you need to encourage reader’s loyalty and increase brand recognition.

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