How to Make Money Online by Starting a Quality Link Building Service

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How to Make Money Online by Starting a Quality Link Building Service

One of the most important aspects of any Internet Marketing plan is building backlinks. Not to sound like a sales page here but – It’s Crucial To Your Success! :) Unfortunately, it’s almost as exciting as watching the paint dry. It’s tedious and time consuming and you just want to punch the guy that created the Captcha software! A lot of marketers choose to outsource this task because they have better things to do with their time and you can make a lot of money online by starting a quality link building service.

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The keyword in that sentence above is QUALITY. So if you’re thinking that you can just skim this article and then start accepting Paypal payments, you’re wrong. The Internet Marketers who hire people to do this link building work for them know what they’re looking for and they expect certain results. They’re more than happy to pay for it, but you better produce those results.

Quality Links VS Spam

There are about a bajillion ways to build quality backlinks. Article marketing, blog and forum commenting, bookmarking, directory submission, and social networking to start with. Then you can build 2.0 properties like Squidoo and HubPages, and Weebly. Then you can build hubs and Link Wheels and on and on.

What makes each of those a quality link, though, is the content, not necessarily the source. For example, if you have a blog then you’ve probably seen the spam comments like – Hey! Nice blog. Thanks for the info! Those comments get deleted and there goes the link. But quality comments get accepted by the blog owner and you get a long-lasting backlink.

The quality of your links also depends on where they’re coming from. The search engines look for links coming from other relevant, quality locations. Getting a link to a car insurance site accepted in a gaming forum is not a quality link. It may get deleted and if it doesn’t the search engines won’t give it much weight anyway.

Spammy articles get denied by directories all the time. Spammy forum replies get deleted. Poorly written directory submissions get denied and a spammy link wheel can get you down right banned.

Webmasters who outsource their link building don’t like to pay for links that don’t stick. And they certainly don’t like to pay for links that end up getting their sites banned!

How To Start a Quality Link Building Service

There are a lot of link building services out there but Webmasters are funny. They don’t always like to go to the big-name sites. A lot of them prefer finding someone ‘special‘, someone they can work with one-on-one. So don’t worry. If you’re providing quality links, you’ll find plenty of people interested in your services.

Your goal, with a link building service, is to build links that stick, that come from relevant sites, that will increase the traffic and ranking for the target website. And that’s exactly how your performance will be judged – traffic and ranking statistics.

The first thing you need to do is pick one method. Write articles OR handle directory submissions OR build link wheels OR… There are two reasons for this:

  • When someone hires you to build links, they usually want hundreds, or even thousands, of links, not just one or two. Unless you’re planning to outsource some of the work yourself, you can’t do it all. In fact, you’ll probably need some software to help you automate the process for the one service you do offer.
  • Marketing methods change quickly and there’s always a new twist you can add. By specializing in just one or two types of link building you can keep pace with the changes and quickly adapt, so the links you create will always stay quality links.

Do Something Different

The search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and what works one day might bomb the next. Webmasters are always looking for new link building ideas that will help push them ahead of the competition. Take link wheels for example. In the beginning, the were a simple circle of 6 or 8 Web 2.0 properties but now, to be effective, they involve dozens of spokes.

Look at what your competitors are offering and look at how they’re doing it. Do the research and find out how you can make it even better – get more links or get better links or get the links from higher ranking sites. In this business, you don’t necessarily have to get ‘more’, but if you can get ‘better’, then your service will be in great demand.

If you’re good at building backlinks it’s easy enough to make money online by starting your own link building service. Visit some of the freelance forums like or Freelancer, or visit an Internet Marketing forum like The Warrior Forum. You’ll find webmasters at both places begging for people who can build good, quality backlinks. Once you do a good job for one or two of those guys, word will get out and you’ll have more business than you can handle.

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  1. Dr Kavita Shaikh

    Thanks for the tips Ste’phane. Making money from building links is a great idea, but as you so rightly pointed out it takes a lot of work. Unless you have a team of employees / software to work with, it is not possible to take up more than a few clients each month.

  2. Art Williams

    I don’t agree that this is a viable idea for the average person. It’s just too much of a quagmire to wade through. The big companies who could afford it…don’t want to work with a ‘newbie’ and the small companies who really need it (because ‘local’ really isn’t that competitive), they’re to fearful and distrustful…you’ve got to do too much education.


    1. Steven

      Well, I disagree with you Art. The key is probably to use this link building service to grow your client’s websites and your own projects at the same time. In that case, taking clients help you recoup your costs for your own web properties.

  3. Laaki

    It takes boatloads of money to acquire links now, or you need to be excellent in marketing. Either way, be prepared for the grinding!

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