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How to Make Money Online by Posting Reviews

At any given moment there are billions of people online, most searching for some kind of information. When you understand that most of what they’re looking for is some type of product information, you can use this to your advantage and make money online by posting reviews.

What are people looking for?

People come to the Internet looking for all kinds of information – medicines to cure aches and pains, tools, toys, household appliances and the list goes on and on. And once they find something they’re interested in, then they usually look around to see what other people have to say about it – they look for reviews.

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Just look at Amazon, for example. Almost every item at Amazon has at least one customer review and Amazon encourages it. They’ve set aside space on their site specifically for reviews because they know it help people make a buying decision.

How can you make money online posting reviews?

All over the Internet you’ll find websites set up specifically to offer product reviews. Some will show only a few items and have comparisons and reviews. For example a mini-site that features 5 different types of dishwashers. You’ll see all the manufacturers specifications side-by-side, and then a list of customer reviews. Most online shoppers don’t realize it, but the links in those sites are all affiliate links and the webmaster will make money off of either purchases or advertising.

Other sites, like book review sites, are more involved. A book review blog might feature 2 or 3 different books a week, every week. Again, each link is an affiliate link, usually back to Amazon.

Before you set up your review site, you need to determine how you’re going to monetize it. There are 2 basic ways you can make money with a review site:

Affiliate links: Amazon is a great source of information and products if you’re setting up a review site. You can find any type of product you want and most have a good description from the manufacturer and several customer reviews that you can use as source material for your review articles. Use your affiliate link to link to these products in your reviews.

Advertising: It’s highly unlikely that you won’t be able to find some type of affiliate link for the products you review, but just in case you run across that problem, you can always monetize your site with advertising, either a CPA program or Google Adsense, etc.

How to write a review article

The purpose of your review articles is to assist people in their buying decision. A good review article starts by describing the product and giving a bit of information about the manufacturer. Next, you talk about the features and benefits of the product. And finish up by talking about what users who’ve purchased this product thought of it. That’s one reason it’s so helpful to go to Amazon. You have tons of customer reviews to use for content and you’ll never run out of products to review.

A good review should never be misleading and you should never speak poorly about one product in an effort to make another product sound better. Simply show your readers the features and benefits and let them make the decision.

Intentionally misleading your readers can have disastrous effects. For example, if you were to recommend one medication over the other, just because you’d get a bigger sales commission, you could be setting yourself up for legal problems. First, for libel, but even more important, because you could make someone seriously ill. When expressing your opinion, or the opinion of another user, always make it clear that this is an opinion.

To make money with a book review blog or movie reviews, it’s better to concentrate on a niche, or genre. Review blogs are like any other site, you need to drive targeted traffic. And that’s much easier to do when you’re focusing on a narrow niche instead of trying to promote every book in the Amazon marketplace.

When you set out to make money online by posting reviews you’re also in for a surprise. When the different manufacturers or publishers start noticing you’re attracting an audience they start sending you their new products so you can review them on your blog. Book publishers and ebook authors especially, but almost all manufacturers realize the impact a good blog post can make.

It’s fine to accept these products and use them so you can blog about it. Just remember to let your readers know, somewhere in your post, that the manufacturer in no way paid you for your review.

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