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How to Make Money Online by Branding New Domains for Sale

It’s a simple fact of life – if you’re planning to build a website or a blog you need a domain name. And if you’re planning to make money with that website or blog, you need a good domain name. It would be even better if that domain name already had some traffic attached, and maybe even a little bit of Internet buzz. A lot of professional Internet Marketers would be willing to pay a pretty penny for a domain name like that. Here’s how you can make money online by branding new domains for sale.

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Buying and selling domain names is big business. Sure, you can visit any registrar and buy a new name for eight or ten bucks. But it would be a brand new name and you’d have to work to build up a site, generate brand new traffic, and do everything it takes to get that domain to rank in the search engines. In short, when you buy a brand new domain name, it takes a lot of time and hard work before you’re going to start seeing measurable traffic.

But what if you could buy a domain name that already had a good amount of traffic coming in? And what if that traffic was targeted? Not just a bunch of generic traffic, but traffic that was coming to that domain for a specific purpose. I don’t know about you but I’d pay a lot more for a domain name if I knew there were already people standing in line waiting for me to open the doors.

Making money online by branding new domains differs a little from the standard idea of buying and selling domains for profit. Generally, when someone makes money buying and selling domains, they look for aged domains with traffic and authority, buy them at one price, fix them up a little bit, and sell them at another. Some of those aged domains can be pretty expensive.

When branding new domains, though, your investment in the domain name itself is minimal. A new domain name costs around $8 or $10. And since you’re buying new names you don’t have to worry about researching their background to see what kind of traffic they have or whether or not they’ve been used for shady business practices. You’re starting with a clean slate and you can turn it into anything you’d like.

Most any domain name would work but you’ll want to stick with the popular guidelines, like choosing names that are easy to spell and remember, choosing a dot com instead of dot uk, etc. But you won’t have to worry as much about relevancy because you will be the one who decides how you’re going to brand that domain name.

How to Brand Your Domain Name

Once you’ve chosen your new domain name you’ll need to host it somewhere and put up a small site. This site will be used to brand your domain, to give visitors a sense of what’s going to be built there.

You’ve probably landed on pages that look really great and you can tell by looking at them that the site’s going to be about designer handbags or baby care products. That page probably tells you they’re working on the site, please stop back, that sort of thing. That’s a domain name that’s being branded to get a head start on traffic generation while they decide what they’re going to put there. When they finally do launch the site they’ll already have some traffic coming in.

You’ve purchased a brand new domain name and you can brand it and drive whatever kind of traffic you like. But remember, you have to sell this branded domain if you want to make money. So it would be in your best interest to do some market research.

You’ll need to decide who your target audience will be because that will affect the way you buy domain names. Niche bloggers prefer their domain names be keyword rich. Affiliate marketers aren’t quite as picky. And people using websites to promote their own business often like catchy names – names like Google or Facebook for example.

Once you choose the name you’ll also need to do some work to drive targeted traffic, which means you’ll need to do some keyword research.

Keep in mind, once you’ve branded that domain name and started to send targeted traffic, that name becomes a lot more valuable. And the more traffic you have, and the better it’s targeted, the more you can ask for that name. Branding new domains for sale is a great way to make money online. For as little as $8 you can start building a successful online business. Just make sure you choose a good domain name for your own site.

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