How to Make Money Online Building Websites for Mobile Phones

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How to Make Money Online Building Websites for Mobile Phones

It would seem that it’s just as easy to make money online building websites for mobile phones as it is to build any other, regular website. Hold on, though. Not so fast. Mobile sites differ greatly from your standard sites and this affects not only the way you build those sites, but some of your marketing methods, as well.

If you want to make money building mobile sites then you need to let potential new clients know that you understand the difference between a standard site and a site that someone’s going to look at on their iPhone while they’re traveling at 75 mph down the freeway. Most clients understand the importance of having a comprehensive online presence, but they don’t understand that in the world of mobile websites two rules apply – K.I.S.S. and Less Is Better!

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Keep It Simple On A Mobile Site

You and your clients both understand that, when building a standard website, it’s expected that it will have dozens, or maybe even hundreds, of pages. In fact, the more quality information you offer the better.

That’s fine when the target audience is leisurely surfing the Internet and they have time to browse the site and a desire to learn more about the company. But people who look for information on a mobile device are generally in a hurry. They’re on the move, not sitting comfortably at their desk. They’re looking for one or two specific pieces of information – an address or a phone number, maybe a brief description of the service or a link.

It’s essential then that you identify the target audience for your mobile site and present only that information which they would consider most important. Ask yourself why would someone riding a bus or walking down the street be coming to this site now? What information would they be looking for at that time? What would they be looking for that’s so urgent they can’t wait until they get home in front of their PC?

Less Is Better On A Mobile Site

If you want to make money online building mobile websites one of your biggest obstacles is going to be convincing your client that less really is better. He’s seen all of those flashy sites, heavy with graphics and videos, banner ads and pages and pages of content. But a site like that just won’t work on a mobile device.

All of your optimization has to be handled differently for a mobile site. Coding has to be clean and structured, you need to diligently use alt tags for mobile users who can’t see images, you need to label forms, etc, and all of that, combined with images, drags down load time. And load time is a major consideration with mobile sites because it varies so much from one device to the other.

The range of screen sizes is another important consideration that limits what you should and shouldn’t do with a mobile site. Cluttering up that small screen with lots of images and text only makes it that much more difficult for the reader to find the link he’s looking for.

Educate Your Clients

Mobile websites are still a new concept to many small businesses and, in a lot of cases, you’ll have to educate your clients not only on the technical aspects of the design but also on the benefits of stepping into this marketplace.

Currently, more than 130 million people purchase a new smart phone every year in the US. In 2010, more than 63% of the entire population owned an Internet enabled phone or other mobile device – and the numbers just keep growing. The reason these people purchase these devices is because they enable them to access the Internet anywhere, any time, no matter what they’re doing.

If you really want to make money online building mobile websites, one of the best things you can do is just show your client what his site looks like when viewed on a mobile device. Most businesses owners have never used a mobile device to view their own website and don’t realize that very few standard sites convert well to mobile viewing – regardless of any plug-ins or programming tweaks you use. Show him how terrible his site looks from your iPhone and he’ll sign on the dotted line in a heart beat!

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  1. Earl Grey

    Well timed because i was looking at one of my sites on a crackberry last night and realised how bad it looked.

  2. Gorman

    With the geometrical increase of internet access on mobile phones…not having a mobile site might be bad marketing!

    1. Steven

      Having a mobile website is clearly going to be highly needed for every business in the near future. *Hint: Think local leads*

  3. Mitch

    Hey Earl…that is the easiest way to convince a client that he needs a mobile site!

  4. Liz

    Does one mobile site work for all mobile devices?

    1. Donna Anderson

      Hi Liz,

      No, not all mobile devices work the same. Unfortunately. But you can find different testing software and there are a few online resources where you can test your site to see how it looks across multiple platforms.

    2. Liz

      Thanks Donna! Appreciate your feedback :)

  5. Samie

    Hey Liz….The mobile site has be designed to recognize device/os and then display accordingly

  6. Dana

    I am assuming that tablets are also included in mobile devices?

    1. Shad

      There are three major OS to contend with…iOS, Android and BlackBerry…all apps for these can be used on most tablets.

  7. Justin Dupre

    With lots of people having smartphones and tablets today it really makes sense to provide websites that is tailored to open on their browsers. Some points to consider are the small screen size and the quality of information you are going to provide on mobile websites.

    1. Anon

      small screen is actually a good thing as it makes you cut through the fluff and display only stuff which is important.

  8. Mike

    Are there any quick free tools for developing mobile sites?

    1. Steven

      you can easily use the hundreds of WordPress themes available online or even tweak one of them to have your own.

  9. Chris

    Is it possible to implement analytics on mobile sites?

    1. Steven

      It’s as easy as on any website. Just copy/paste the Analytics code.

    2. Chris

      Thanks…I will try it out today with a mobile site I built

  10. Anon

    Which are the new mobile devices scheduled to be launched soon?

  11. Flash Games

    Any special tips for gaming websites that want to develop mobile sites?

  12. Affmaster

    Mobile websites are here to stay…as are mobile apps

    1. Flash Games

      Rightly said! Mobile apps are here to stay.

  13. Web Design Inspiration

    We are definitely looking at building mobile sites for most of our clients soon.

    1. Steven

      This is the actual trend. It’s a clever move to not miss the trend.

  14. Web Design Studio

    A number of web designers will need to start thinking about mobile interfaces going forward….

    1. Steven

      From now on, this is going to be mandatory for every webdesign project.

  15. Mitch

    How much time does it take for basic mobile website to be developed?

    1. Liz

      A basic mobile site with about six to ten links can take up to a week to develop including testing.

    2. Steven

      It depends on the complexity of the project… Really there is no absolute rule.

  16. Web Design Studio

    Do people build sites only for phone or the new tablets too?

    1. Steven

      Seeing the quantity of tablets that is sold every month, developing websites for them can be a very good idea

    2. Web Design Studio

      Any special tools to do so?

    3. Steven

      As I said earlier, you can either take one of the existing mobile website template on the web and adapt it to your needs or start from scratch.

  17. Mitch

    Any specific technologies to look out for when building mobile phone apps?

    1. Flash Games

      I think you should look for building for the Android OS as most new tablets are coming with that OS

    2. Steven

      Aren’t you missing the iPad there?

    3. Anon

      iPad and iPhone should be treated as two different platforms due to graphics issue.

    4. Webdesign Inspiration

      Yes,I would also say building for the Android OS would be the perfect decision.

  18. Affmaster

    iPad apps are definitely a big thing these days.

    1. Steven

      Tablets should definitely be taken into consideration.

  19. Affmaster

    Are all these websites hosted in the same place as the web related sites?

  20. Anon

    what is the maintenance process of these sites?

    1. Steven

      The same as any website.

    2. Anon

      Ok! Got it Steven :)

  21. Jony

    Mobile websites are in! If you’re site isn’t mobile ready. Sorry! you’re outdated.

    1. Webdesign Studio

      I’ll second that Jony! The future really seems to be Mobile!

    2. Donna Anderson

      Especially if your target audience is local!

  22. Debbie Buckley


    Great article. I have found WP Mobile Detector (plugin) works well for WordPress sites.

    Not seen your site before so having a good look around. Lots of quality content!



    1. Steven

      Thanks for stopping by Debbie! I used to use this mobile detection plugin but it conflicts with my caching plugin… I’m yet to find another alternative.

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