How to Make Money doing Research Online for Other People

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How to Make Money doing Research Online for Other People

Even though we have access to almost any bit of information we’d ever want, right at the tips of our fingers, there’s still an awful lot of research going on in the world. If you’ve been looking for a way to make money online and you like learning about all different kinds of things, there are plenty of people out there who could use some help with research.

Who needs help with research?

Webmaster: Webmasters are probably the largest group of people who need help with research. Every website you see on the Internet needs content and that content has to provide the reader with facts and information. It has to be well-written, reliable information, too.

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But successful webmasters may own hundreds of websites, each one about a different topic. There’s no way one person can be an expert in that many areas so they have to do a lot of research to build their sites.

Authors/Writers: People who write books, ebooks, articles and other resource material always looking for someone to help with research. With the Internet and self-publishing capabilities now writers and authors are cranking out content at a break-neck pace and someone needs to do the research to help them keep up.

Freelance writer: Freelance writers or ghost writers create articles, blog posts and ebooks for other people. It’s a huge business, especially when it comes to online content. And freelancers always have more work than they can handle so help with research is crucial.

Students: Even students come to the Internet to find someone to help them with researching term papers, dissertations, and other articles and publications that they need to complete their education.

How to make money online doing research for other people

Most research can be conducted on the Internet these days. If you know how the Internet works you can find just about anything you’d want to know. And that’s the first thing you need to do – learn how to search out information on the Internet.

Generally it as simple as typing your search terms into Google and you’ll find all the information you need. But you also need to learn to recognize reliable information. There’s a lot of garbage taking up space on the Web these days so it’s important to be able to verify the accuracy of your information and sources.

For example, most searchers think that Wikipedia is the end-all-be-all when it comes to information and nothing could be further from the truth. The information on Wikipedia is entered and edited by regular human beings, just like you and me. Most of it’s accurate but you still need to be able to tell the difference between quality information and just plain crap.

To find people who need help with research you can visit some of the freelancing sites on the Internet. Sites like and are job sites where you can find all kinds of online work. Search through the various Writing categories and you’ll find people looking for help with research.

If you belong to any forums where Internet Marketers hang out, or college students or even high school students, you can let them know you can help with any research they might need. A good forum to start with is the Warrior Forum, where you’ll find thousands of Webmasters.

If you really want to make a business of it then you should set up your own website and start attracting your own clients. When you visit those freelancing websites you’re going to have to compete with a lot of other people. But if you set up your own site and start promoting your own business you can gradually increase your fees and attract a better class of clients.

But research is more than half the battle. You can make even more money online if you put that research to good use and start writing articles for all those webmasters out there.

Seriously. Even if you do all the research and find the most accurate information available, that webmaster is going to pay you a few dollars and pass it on to his writer. He’ll then pay that writer a lot more money than he paid you and the writer will be the one who creates all of those articles and blog posts you see all over the Web. Don’t want to write articles? Use all the research to write your own ebooks.

It’s easy to make money doing research online for other people and it just takes a bit more work to start creating your own business. Start with the research, learn how the Internet works, and soon you’ll be hiring someone to do research for you.

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  1. Techraft

    Yes, I agree. Especially earning from the freelance custom academic writing is the one of the most easy money thing,only if you are expert in it. But also there is a very fine line between ethical custom writing and leading it to cheating or plagiarism. One of my client wants me to develop a website. I have made things done, but later I found that the disclaimer and other stuff that I had inserted was removed. And the work was properly 100% outsourced to guys in India and Pakistan. Who complete it with in few hours at nominal charges, plagiarism free, A class quality and within the deadline. But the student (client) is missing the learning thing. On the other hand there are websites who are equipped with resources and just help you up to the level where the client can get an idea about the topic and can continue the research. Or can get the model paper for the same domain on a different topic.
    I know a website who is earning 30,000 GBP per month from just academic writing.

    1. Steven

      Nowadays it’s becoming more and more difficult to get away with plagiarism. There are so many tools only to check if content is original…

  2. Madinah

    Oh wow. That was so true and well written. Seriously, when you really think about it, we all do research one way or the other. I personally do personal research almost every single day because of my curiousity. I’m very curious and I like knowing facts. So what’s a better way to earn money than to do what you love doing everyday? Couldn’t get better than that.

    Thank you very much for the tips. I shall look more into this. Keep posting:)

    1. Steven

      Hey, I’m happy for you Madinah! Keep me posted on this project

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