How to Make Money Doing Odd Jobs Online for People

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How to Make Money Doing Odd Jobs Online for People

You know who always has money in their pocket, no matter what the economy is doing? The guy who’s willing to do odd jobs to earn it. The guy who’s willing to rake leaves or fix leaky faucets or put new brakes on a car or paint a kitchen – all in the same day. The guy who doesn’t care what the job is, as long as he gets paid to do it. Here’s how you can make money doing odd jobs online.

Odd jobs online? What kind of odd jobs can you find online? You can’t paint a kitchen online?!

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You’re right. You can’t. But ‘odd jobs’ are jobs that people don’t want to do themselves. They’re tedious, they’re boring, they’re time consuming. Or maybe they don’t know how. And there are just as many ‘odd jobs’ online as there are off. They’re just different.

What kind of odd jobs can you find online?

Webmasters and bloggers have all sorts of little odd jobs they need to do every day to keep their online businesses running. A lot of these odd jobs are tedious or time consuming and they’re very happy to pay someone to handle the work for them.

Content creation: Every blog and website on the Internet needs content and this is one odd job that’s easy to find. Content creation generally means writing blog posts or articles, but it can also mean video or mp3 creation, or even creating special programs or software to meet special needs.

Blog commenting: Blog commenting is one way that site owners use to bring traffic into their own blogs or websites. They visit relevant blogs, read the blog post and leave a good comment that includes a link back to their site. It can sometimes take hundreds of blog comments and, as you can well imagine, this is one tedious job. Somebody has to do it, though, and it might as well be you.

Social media interaction: It’s also important for bloggers and site owners to keep up appearances at sites like Twitter and Facebook and dozens of other social networking sites. But who has time to sit around and do all that socializing? Better to pay someone to do it. And that someone could be you.

Graphics creation: Graphics are an important part of any website and not everyone enjoys using Photoshop. If you’ve got a knack for creating graphs and logos, you could pick up some odd jobs that involve graphics creation.

Keyword research: Keyword research is the foundation of every site on the Web and you’d be surprised at how many webmasters don’t have a clue. If you understand keywords and targeting you can make a killing hiring yourself out to do keyword research.

This is just a general list of jobs you can find online. Some sites have 24 hour call centers and they need someone to man the phones. Some sites need someone to handle the tedious task of link building. Maybe you know how to transfer sites from one domain to another, or how to speed up load times or install special programs. Odd jobs online are just like odd jobs at home. It’s always surprising what people are willing to pay for.

Where do you find online odd jobs?

When a website owner or blogger pays someone to do these odd jobs they sometimes refer to it as ‘outsourcing‘ and they look for freelance service providers or virtual assistants to hire.

There are a lot of people who make a very good living doing odd jobs online and they’ve been doing it for a while. Your best bet, to break into the business and start developing a strong list of clients, is to pick one type of odd job and learn it backwards and forwards until you’re the best in the business.

To find these odd jobs, you really just need to look around, just like you’d do if you were doing odd jobs at home. But there are some websites you can visit, too.

Look around freelance websites like and These are the types of sites that webmasters visit when they’re looking for help. Use keywords relevant to your special skill, such as link building or logo creation or article writer. If you’ve been around the block a few times and you have a variety of skills to offer, so much the better. Try searching under ‘virtual assistant‘.

Another good place to find online odd jobs is forums dedicated to Internet Marketers. is a good one and is another. These forums are places where webmasters and bloggers congregate to discuss different methods of Internet Marketing. Let them know that you’re available for work and you’ll soon be making money online doing odd jobs for more people than you ever imagined possible.

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  1. David

    a person could derive comfort from this post because it means that there is always something available that needs to be done. And there is always someone who is willing to pay to do those jobs.

    What would be great is to have a knack for something that there is a huge demand for, then you will never run out of work or want for more work.

    For the struggling entrepreneur, he might have an income to fall back on during the time that his business is struggling to succeed.

    This is great for all kinds of people. Give something of value, in this case a task or job, and be paid in return. That’s a win-win situation.

  2. Dmitriy

    Thanks for good article! It’s really helpful. Especially about forums. I make sites in Russian segment of Internet and haven’t known about forums on this topic in English one. Thanks!

  3. David

    ODesk is also a good place to go if you want jobs and it is also a good place to go if you are on the other side of the coin and would like someone to do work for you.

  4. Joseph

    I have been into “outsourcing” for a while and it really pays to do these odd jobs.

    Thanks Steven for enlightening many people about these jobs.

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