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So your blog is getting some good traffic but you’re not seeing any conversions and it’s getting harder and harder to keep the faith? Don’t panic. While it’s true that profit is what matters most, traffic comes in at a close second. Don’t abandon that blog yet, because where there’s traffic, there’s WordPress SEO and hope.

If you’re getting traffic then you must be doing something right. You’ve managed to work in at least a little SEO and your blog is appearing on the indexes. The fact that you haven’t been completely ignored by Google indicates that your at least some of your content is relevant and acceptable. So the problem lies in one of two places: Your content and/or your monetization method.

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Let’s take a look at your content…

Are you targeting the right audience?

It could be that you’re just missing your target. Take another look at the product you’re promoting and dig deeper to identify your target audience. For example, if you’re promoting a cake decorating guide then you don’t want to write content that attracts people who want cake recipes or people who want to learn how to bake cakes. You want to attract people who want to learn how to decorate cakes. It seems like a small difference but it’s important.

Are you telling rather than selling?

Nobody likes a pushy salesperson, that’s why people visit blogs. They like that they can read your personal viewpoints and opinions, and your viewpoint is what makes your blog unique. If your readers just wanted to see the standard features and benefits and listen to a sales spiel, they’d just go directly to the advertiser’s sales page.

Are you writing great content?

There’s so much to learn about writing great content, it’s too much for one paragraph. Keep in mind you have dozens of other blogs to compete with. Your visitors can go to any one of those blogs to find out the basic information. You need to give them more. Ask your readers if they have questions. Tell them to leave you some feedback in the comments or drop you an email. Listen to your readers to find out what they want to know and then create content that’s unique and relevant to your particular audience.

Now, let’s look at how you’re monetizing your blog…

Where is your traffic coming from?

Different types of traffic will respond to different types of monetization methods.

Search engine traffic: People who find your blog when they conduct a keyword search are generally looking for information. They’re not generally ready to buy yet. They’ll look at your product and read your content, but they’ll probably have to come back a few times before they decide.

Your mission is to provide top-quality content to ensure these visitors keep returning, and give them a call to action to subscribe to your blog so when they are ready to purchase they’ll buy from you.

In the meantime, the best way to monetize this type of traffic is to either get them to join your email list or use Google AdSense on your blog. With AdSense, when they do leave your blog, chances are they’ll click on one of those links and you’ll earn money.

Referral traffic: Referral traffic comes through the social networks, blog comments where you’ve left your link, other blogs that have linked to you in their content, forums, and any linkbuilding properties you have. These people may not have visited your blog before but they’re familiar with you because they’ve seen your link. And because that link was likely given to them by a blogger or friend they already know and trust, they have automatically have a higher level of trust for you.

If you’re providing top-quality content, these visitors will be more likely to subscribe to your list or RSS feed, simply because they trust you. They may also be more willing to purchase on the first visit.

If the bulk of your traffic is referral traffic your best monetization method is CPC advertising. CPC ads typically require an action instead of a sale, which makes for easier conversion. The visitor is asked to provide his email address or answer a survey or provide some type of information. It’s difficult to get first-time search engine traffic to click on these ads because they don’t trust you yet. However, referral traffic, which may not be ready to buy, will be willing to take a chance because they feel more comfortable with you.

Direct traffic: Direct traffic is just what it sounds like – traffic that comes directly to your blog, either because they have it bookmarked or they know your URL. This means they’ve already been to your blog, probably more than once, they like it, and they trust you to provide good information.

If the bulk of your traffic is coming in directly, the best way to monetize your blog is with either CPC advertising or by promoting products or services. Generally, affiliate products are a good place to start, but if you can create your own products you’ll make more money.

In all cases it’s important to make sure you’re targeting the right audience for the product or ads you’re promoting. But hey, that’s the easy part. You’ve already done the hard part – you’re already generating traffic. So don’t give up. There’s still plenty of hope for your blog.

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