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Some of the most profitable blogs on the Web are hobby blogs and it only makes sense – a hobby is something you return to time and time again because it’s something you enjoy, it’s something you’re passionate about.

Since the best blogs are blogs built on passion, what better way to make money than a hobby blog.

Why Hobby Blogs Work

1. You already know what to blog about

Whether you just started knitting last week or you’ve been knitting since you were old enough to hold a set of needles, you already have something to write.

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And that’s one of the most difficult parts of blogging – being able to come up with something to blog about every day.

2. Plenty of affiliate options

Whatever your hobby is you probably have to buy supplies somewhere.

Almost every manufacturer or supplier has an affiliate program these days.

Get yourself an affiliate link and sell those supplies on your blog.

3. You don’t have to be an expert

The thing about hobbies is there’s always someone who wants to learn a new hobby.

Somebody is always a beginner.

So even if you start blogging the first time you pick up those knitting needles, someone will be following along and learning with you.

4. You’re passionate about your hobby

When you’re passionate about your hobby here’s what happens…

Someone comes into your home and you’re all excited to show off the new afghan you just knitted.

You talk about the texture of the yarn and the pretty color combination you used.

You point out the new intricate stitch pattern you just learned and you talk about how you’re going to incorporate it into the next pair of baby booties you knit.

If that visitor is also passionate about knitting you start exchanging tips about where to buy yarn, how to care for plastic needles and everything else knitters talk about.

When that visitor goes home she’s excited about starting a new project so she can try that new stitch and she wants to buy some of that beautiful yarn you recommended.

What just happened?

You just blogged in “real” life.

You are already doing in “real” life everything that most bloggers struggle with every day.

You’re engaging your audience and drawing them in with your passion and excitement for your topic.

A lot of bloggers never manage to do this because they’re not really passionate about their blog topic, but for you it comes effortlessly because you are.

So stop trying to think of the “perfect” topic for your blog and blog about your hobby.

It’s not the topic that makes a blog successful, it’s the passion.

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  1. Mandy

    But what are resources you can use to get traffic? That’s helpful for generating good content but how do you actually make the profits? How do you got from a blog to a money-making blog? Are there general steps/rules to follow or is every money-making blog different?

    1. Suresh Khanal


      Steven is focused about ‘Why’ part of the topic here. Let me help you to get started to understand

      When you have a blog about your hobby, it will be much easier to write and create a good, useful blog out of it.

      As Steven has mentioned, every manufacturer or producer has affiliate programs these days, i.e. they will pay you money to promote their products. If somebody buys them through your link, you earn commission. This is probably the best method to make money from your blog.

      Apart from affiliate marketting, there are numerous methods you can implement to earn. Your writing will demonstrate your knowledge about the topic. You can sell articles and posts.

      You can sell your services like counselling, troubleshooting, designing etc that relates to your niche.

      And there are many other income streams you can enjoy once you build a popular blog. We’ll keep talking about them in future posts.

  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Would love to get examples of actual hobby blogs you know of who have begun to ring up some $$$.

    I have to say that no matter how big you’re trying to be with blogging, being in love with it is key.

  3. Kemi

    I loved reading this. Passion is a driving force behind so many great businesses and inspiring people. So hobby blogging makes perfect sense, as these blogs are not only exciting and engaging, they’re meaningful too. I am sure you can apply the same principle to Creating a Successful Business from your Hobby. You may have inspired my next blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Alexandre

    Sorry but I have to disagree.

    Let’s discuss about the most populars hobby : sport and art. Honestly, do you think these are the most profitable niches ?

    First, these activities are better teached out of a computer, since they are manual.

    Secondly, these are enjoyed by so many people that you will get too much competition, for a relatively small potential of monetization.

    And I think your hypothesis of passion is wrong. Better blog about a subject where you are already an expert, and that you enjoy doing because you are so skilled on it, instead of struggling to become one in a passion niche where so many people are competing for a few bucks.

  5. Sunday

    Hi Steven,
    I couldn’t agree with you more on this topic. It is the passion that readily makes a blog successful. With passion, the blogger can easily surge on even when the blogging plans and goals are becoming challenging to achieve.

    More so, making money with hobby blogs can be attained faster if the blog offer value.

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