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Wow. I hesitate to write this article because I know it’s going to upset some people. But these days, working online will make you more money than that university education will. Seriously. There are people working online right now who are making more money than any doctor or lawyer or Wall Street big shot could ever dream of making. And they’re kicking themselves because they wasted 4 years and a boat load of money going to college.

working online more money than university

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The question of whether or not young people should skip university and go straight to a career has become quite a hot topic. With college tuition rising at an alarming rate most students have to use college loans to finance their educations. Families just don’t have that kind of cash laying around. Once they graduate, these poor kids are looking at debt so high they’ll be working the rest of their lives to pay for 4 measly years worth of education. And with the quality of our education system at an all-time low, how much did they really learn?

It’s still true though that a university degree will net you a larger paycheck when you get out into the job market. But it can also be detrimental in the long run. Employers are cutting back and while they still prefer college grads, they can’t afford to hire as many as they could in the past. So you might make more money with that degree but you’ll have a harder time finding someone willing to pay for it.

That said, is it really a good career move to skip college altogether and start working online? What about your education? What about job security? What about your future and retirement and worker’s benefits? What will you tell your parents?!

Let’s take a look at a few examples…

In 1996 at the ripe old age of 16, Michael Fudyk started MyDesktop.com at home in his parent’s basement. The site quickly began producing more than $60,000 per month in ad revenue and in 1999 Furdyk sold his site for over $1 million.

At the ripe old age of 17 Ashley Qualls turned down an offer of $17 million for her website whateverlife.com. She started her site, aimed at young girls who use MySpace, when she was just 14 years old.

At teenbusinessforum.com you’ll find thousands of young, teenaged entrepreneurs discussing business, investments, profitability and ground-breaking marketing techniques.

Do these people need to worry about getting a formalized education? I don’t think so. They’re learning everything they need to know online, and they’re learning as they go. Do they need to worry about job security? Heck, most of these people are hiring help. They are job security. Do they need to worry about their future, their retirement package, their vacation and health benefits? Probably not since most of them are already earning more than their parents have made over the course of their entire career.

Working online doesn’t mean you have to put your education on hold. Today’s young people are educating themselves while they create their futures, they’re not running themselves into massive debt while they gamble on whether or not they’ll even have a future.

By the time today’s young person graduates from college they’ll have amassed student loans in the range of $50 to $100 thousand dollars. That’s more than a lot of people pay for their first home.

And the average person will make at least 3 to 5 major career changes before they finally hit their stride. A lot of graduates end up spending a good portion of their life paying off student loans they racked up for an education they’re no longer even using. How many 18- or 19-year olds really even know what they want to do for the rest of their life anyway?

The old arguments about job security and retirement accounts are out the window now. It’s a whole new ballgame out there. Nobody keeps a job for 30 or 40 years any more and companies close up and move over seas at the drop of a hat.

You can’t ignore the income potential that exists in the online marketplace. The Internet is huge and the possibilities are unlimited. You can see proof all over the Internet that people are generating massive incomes working online, without incurring a mountain of debt. In the long run, you can make more money working online than you will if you get a university education and go the standard J.O.B. route. And if you’re that hell bent on getting a college degree, you can pay for it with the money you earn online.


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  1. Holly Jahangiri

    I think the potential is there, but it’s there in the offline world of business, as well. The problem is, these kids are the EXCEPTION, not the rule. Many kids need a good education in a traditional, academic setting. WE need for them to go, too. Would you want to find out your neurosurgeon learned everything he knows from the Internet? Can you buy your produce from the Internet? Can the Internet fix your car or build you a home? We need professions other than Internet start-up entrepreneur – and I think the recent flop of Facebook on the stock market shows that these things don’t last forever, but solid knowledge and skills do.

    You are right though, that the cost of attending college is out of reach and unrealistic for many; many kids are self-starters who can learn a great deal from the Internet; kids can make great entrepreneurs (they’re creative, full of energy, and rarely take “you can’t do that” for an answer)…

    1. Steven

      I certainly do not mean that every profession can be learned from the internet. However, on a profit-scale, it is a lot more profitable to work online rather than attending university… During university, most people are building up their debt due to unrealistic prices in educational systems, and when they finally graduate, they struggle to find a job in the field their were targeting. If they are fortunate enough to find a position, they might get underpaid because they’ll just have an “entry position”.

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