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High Page Rank blog networks are nothing new – there were lots of them around at one point; ALN, Build My Rank, High PR Society – the list goes on. Over the last few weeks however they have been decimated by Google, as hundreds if not thousands of high PR domains have been deindexed, completely ripping the guts out of these networks. This has been an earthquake in the world of WordPress SEO.

high pr blog networks

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The networks were built on the basis that high PR links are coveted by Google. Google’s Page Rank system is a measure of how good a site is – if a site is PR0 it’s fair to say Google views it as insignificant. If a site is PR10, Google views that site as crucially important – that’s basically how PR works. What these blog networks did was to exploit that – they offered high PR links in return for payment, which is obviously in contravention to Google’s no paid links policy.

So, Google took out the vast majority of the high PR networks that offered almost instant rankings, so what next?

Guest blogging

High PR networks pretty much eradicated the need to guest blog. Guest blogging is really simple – it’s where you write a blog post plugging your products, your site, or just talking about the industry you’re in, in general. You then ask an authority blog owner in your niche to publish the blog for you, and that’s it – you’ve got a high PR backlink.

Many people are completely unfamiliar with guest blogging because they’ve had high PR links on tap for so long from these high PR blog networks. So now for many webmasters, the real hard work starts again.

How to find a blog to contribute to

Finding a website to guest blog on is easy. If you run an ecommerce site selling headphones you example, you’ll find pages and pages of headphone review blogs and general audio review and news blogs in Google. Write up a quick message template and contact the owners of these sites signalling your interest in guest blogging. Sit back, relax, and wait for the replies to roll in.

Let’s be realistic – it’s not likely that every single blog owner will get back to you, and even the ones that do might not be too interest in having you guest blog for them. Some blog owners will definitely be keen on the idea though, so liaise with them. Some blog owners may decline your offer to guest blog for them, but they may be more inclined to perform a review of a product that you stock. This will still result in a backlink for you, which is great news.

The thing to remember about guest blogging is that a lot of these blogs have amazingly high Page Rank scores. The sites on the front page of Google for the search term “headphone blog” have an average Page Rank of 5 or 6. Getting backlinks to your site from these blogs is going to provide you with lots of link juice. The best thing is the backlinks are contextual too – and not from some generic link farm crammed with other outbound links.

There are many benefits to guest blogging, and lots of people have forgotten how to do it – or have never even tried. Give it a go, you’ll be amazed at how effective it is. Perhaps the best thing about guest blogging is there’s no monthly fees to pay like you’d have to on a high PR network.

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