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I love haters! I really love them. A wise man once said something along these lines:

Tell positive things about me or tell negative things about me, I don’t care as long as you talk about me!

To be honest, when people were talking shit about me, it used to really take me down, but it changed with a very important revelation.


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Nowadays, I really couldn’t care less about what haters are saying about me. Whatever you’re trying to do in life, you’ll always find people who think they are better than you and will just stay on their butt and judge you, trash-talk and do whatever they can to say that you are more miserable than they are.

When I was younger, I used to care a lot about what other people were saying about me and it had a lot of bad consequences: of which most important was low self-esteem. I thought that if people though that I was a loser, then I might really be one. But at some point, these haters went too far and I really thank them for that, every single day.

That day, I realized that this couldn’t be true, I couldn’t be such a failure. I started wondering what were the reasons for these people to show so much hate. I understood that hatred can come from various things: mostly jealousy, either they think you are smarter than they are and they think you are some kind of danger to them because you will outsmart them, or the fact that if people don’t succeed, they don’t want you to have more success than they do…

A former “friend” of mine was always telling me how much of a better architect he was than me (Yep, I was an architect before working in the Internet Marketing industry). Listening to him, he was smarter and more qualified, but looking at facts, I always had more interesting jobs than he did, and I always had bigger paychecks than he did. Tell me who’s the loser there?

From there, I started to build up my self-esteem. And this went along with building my own business. It came to my attention that the more success you reach, the more “friends” you have, but also the most haters you gain. And if you want my two cents, both are very good things!

Don’t be too innocent and always be cautious with the people who become your “best friends” when you are climbing the ladder of success.

But… These haters… Cherish them! Give them more things to hate about you! Feed them with your own success to increase their own failures! Because in the end, if they hate you, they will tell everybody how much they hate you, and that’s 100% free advertising to grow your brand and name!

People aren’t stupid! If someone tells them how much they hate me, they might check my website to see who I am after all. People don’t like when someone tells them what to think, they like building their own opinions.

Of course, our job as marketers is to give small “pushes” to help them take their decisions, but once these fresh visitors come to my site to get informations about me, they can either become lovers or haters, both ways are fine with me as long as they build their own opinion and talk about me or my brand!

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  1. Peny@custom Embroidery

    I agree with what you just write about hatred. Actually, hate is better than apathy/indifference. Hatred is an emotion and has always its own root. And yes, one of these roots is envy. Other reasons are vengeance, pride and sometimes for the sake of hatred itself. All humans are not immune to hatred,and we can’t control others to hate us or even to love us, eh. The only thing that we can do is to have a good perspective on the effect of hatred unto us, and I guess, your perspectives with regards to your “friends” is quite a stepping stone for your success, eh.

    1. Steven

      I’m 100% with you: indifference is far worse than hatred. At least hatred is a reaction. The important lesson I learned is that on your path to success, you will make new friends, but you will also lose some old friends. Evolution is part of the process, and some people just can’t bear with change.

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