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Depending on when you read this, Halloween may be months away. But it’s coming and it’s the second most popular holiday of the year. Even if you’re not promoting vampire capes, zombie blood or ninja masks you can still add some Halloween eye-candy to your blog and shake things up for your readers.

Obviously, blogging about your Halloween costume isn’t going to work in every niche. For example, if you came here to Dukeo and I talked about my Superman costume and the route I plan to follow when I go Trick-or-Treating you’d think I’d lost my marbles.

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However, if you came here a found a post titled, “7 Reasons Dracula Would Have Been An Excellent Professional Blogger” then you’d move everything on your calendar, transfer all your calls to voice mail and you’d read that entire article word for word, simply because it promises to be both informative and entertaining.

The visual images you create with you content are sometimes even more important than the words you use. Yes, using pictures on your blog helps. But if you also use language that creates and image in the readers mind then they’ll remember your post long after they read it – especially if it’s related to one of their favorite holidays and especially if it’s completely out of character for your blog.

And let’s not forget about the sales potential. When you’re writing your post you can work in all kinds of Halloween keywords as adjectives or metaphors – candy corn, carving pumpkins, vampire capes, fake blood. Use your Amazon affiliate link and you might even pick up a few sales.

Better yet… If you’ve been planning to create your own product Halloween is always a top-selling theme. Put a haunted house on the cover and release your new “Haunted House Full of My Best Most Ghastly Tips To Help Improve Your…” At the very least use a Halloween banner to promote an existing product and tie it into the holiday.

If you really want to get into the Halloween spirit (and who doesn’t!) add a Jack-o-Lantern to your header image. While I don’t recommend completely changing your theme, in some niches it works. For an extra element of surprise, install the DW Halloween WordPress plug-in. Once activated you can choose between a skull, a pumpkin, a joker and several other images that will float around your blog and deliver your Halloween message when readers hover over them with their cursor.

Even if you’re not promoting anything even remotely related to Halloween your readers will love it when you tie you content to the holiday. And since it’s the second most popular holiday of the year, why not take advantage? Scarify your blog for Halloween and capture your audience’s attention.

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