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Guest Posts Funnel: Drive Your Readers Where You Want

When I think of some of the funnels I’ve created with guest posts… Well, let’s just say, there’s not a spider out there who could compete with some of the webs I’ve woven. If you’re publishing guest posts all over the Internet and you’re only linking to your homepage to build up your rank then you’re missing the boat.

Don’t Send Them To Your Homepage

If you stop and think about it you have to do an awful lot of work to get a guest post published. You have to read the other blog, read the comments, come up with a relevant article idea and then write the best content you can possibly write. After all that, you still have to communicate with the blogger to see if he’ll accept your post.

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If you link to your homepage you’re doing all that hard work for nothing, really. Oh, you might get some traffic out of it but it’s not going to stick.

Think of that guest post as bait you’re casting out into the sea and if it works you’re going to catch some new visitors for your blog. But here’s what happens…

Your guest post was wonderful and everybody loved it. So they click on your link looking for more of the same and they end up on your homepage. What do they see? Nothing but a list of titles with a few blurbs. Very few of those new visitors are going to take the time to scroll down the page and see what you have to offer. Remember, they’ve only read one of your posts. They liked it, but they’re busy.

Link To Relevant Content

Anytime you submit a guest post you should always link to a specific relevant article on your own blog. If possible, it should expand on the information in your guest post. When I’m writing a guest post I always write a companion post for my own blog in anticipation of all those new visitors. It’s extra work, but it keeps those new eyes on my blog and increases subscriptions.

How To Build Your Funnel

Funneling is a marketing technique that involves capturing your readers attention and leading him to complete an action. So to build a funnel you must first identify your target audience, then determine what action you want them to complete, and then create a specific path that leads them from Point A to Point B.

As you can see, this involves a little planning. You can’t simply crank out a guest post, toss in a link and submit it. You’ve have to make sure you have all the points connected so your reader can’t stray from the path.

So let’s say your goal with your guest post is to increase your newsletter subscriptions. Point A will be the other blog and Point B will be your opt-in form on your own blog. Here are the steps you take to build your funnel:

Your Guest Post: Chances are you’re going to be giving away some type of freebie for new subscribers. Create a guest post that relates to your product. For example, if you’re giving away a free guide or ebook, talk about one of the key points or chapters. Obviously, you don’t want to cover the whole book, but you do need to provide high-quality information.

Your Call To Action: Include a call to action to invite visitors back to your blog for more information on your free ebook. Include a link to a landing page or blog post, on your own blog, that covers more of the same type of information.

Your Landing Page: If you talked about one chapter of your ebook on the other blog, talk about a different chapter here on your own blog. These are new visitors who don’t know you yet and you’re going to have to earn their trust before they’ll part with their email address. NOTE: You’ll have to publish this page on your own blog first so you can include the link in your guest blog post.

Your Opt-In Form: At the end of your landing page article include your opt-in form with a strong call to action telling your readers to subscribe to your newsletter and get this free ebook today.

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  1. Andi The Minion

    Great advice, I wrote guest posts to drive traffic back to my site but made the mistake of always linking to the home page. Only recently I was told that doing that could also be bad for me in the eyes of Google, I do not know if this is true or not but as you say, it isn’t great for the reader either.

    I had not thought about funnelling people down to a sale or specific page. This I really like. Makes sense when you think about it. A guest post about ‘Why You Need A Squeeze Page’ leading to a post on your blog ‘Creating The Best Squeeze Page’ with affiliate links to a great squeeze page WordPress Plugin or Theme. You now have me thinking :-)

    1. Steven

      Andi, this is true if you were always linking using the same anchor text.

      Directing people to a dedicated page on your blog can lead to a better conversion rate from one-time reader to regular reader.

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