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Guest Posters: How to Find The Best Writers for Your Blog

Whether it’s because you’ve got a vacation planned, are taking an internet sabbatical, or you just want to put your blog more on autopilot, eventually the time will come when you’ll want to recruit a guest poster for your blog. The two problems you’ll run into are finding someone who wants to guest post for you, and most importantly, finding someone who’s good enough to guest post for you.

Spread the Word

The first problem is easy enough to solve – all you need to do is spread the word. You should dedicate a post on your blog to the fact that you’re now looking for guest posters, but hopefully you’ve already done that as that’s the most obvious option. Here’s a list of other ways to help spread the word:

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  • Twitter. Send a tweet or two out to your followers, saying that you’re looking for guest posts, and then include a link to the blog post for more details.
  • Email list. Send an email to your list, letting them know that you’re looking for guest posters and telling them how they can get in touch.
  • Blogging mastermind group. If you belong to a blogging-oriented group of individuals, make sure to tell them that you’re looking for guest posters. Even if they aren’t necessarily interested in guest posting, they might know someone who is.
  • LinkedIn. If you belong to any blogging groups on LinkedIn, be sure to spread the word there as well.
  • MyBlogGuest or other forums. MyBlogGuest is a free forum dedicated to helping bloggers find guest posters, and find blogs to guest post on. Other blogging-oriented forums (like, maybe the ProBlogger ones) would make a great place to spread the word as well.

Lay Down the Rules

To make sure that you receive quality submissions, specify some editorial guidelines in your blog post where you talk about looking for guest posters. A few good places to start are saying how long you want submissions to be (in word length – i.e., 500-700 words), suggested topics for submissions, and stating that you’re looking for well-written submissions with good grammar and spelling, so that you don’t have to do a lot of editing.

Also, tell people how they can send in their submissions. What email address should they send it to? Do you want them to put the post in the body of the email, or attach it in .rtf or .txt format? And do you want them to send it in HTML, so that you can just copy and paste it, without having to do any reformatting?

All of these are important details and will let people who are submitting know exactly what it is you’re looking for, and how they can send it to you. If you want to make things even clearer, you should state when it is that you’re looking for guest posts – something like “I’m planning on going on vacation from the week of (date) to (date), and so I’m looking for guest posters.” This gives would-be guest posters a deadline to submit by.

With all of these tips, you’re guaranteed to find some great guest posters for your blog. Good luck on your search!


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  1. Justin Dupre

    Great tips! I’ve been trying to find a guest writer for my gaming blog. I might be trying some of your tips here.

  2. Web Design Inspiration

    I think guest posts are excellent to increase your profile as a reputable blog.

    1. Steven

      I think so! This is why I’m already working on searching some guest bloggers for Dukeo.

  3. Web Design Studio

    Thanks…we will share this tip with our blogging team asap!

    1. Steven

      Glad this article was of any help to you !

    2. Webdesign Studio

      I’ll look forward to reading such well researched posts in the future as well. Thanks Steven :)

  4. Gorman

    How do we research on potential guest bloggers?

    1. John

      Look for blogs similar to yours and then review them for quality and if relevant then contact them.

    2. Steven

      Didn’t you read the post? It’s all in there !

    3. John

      Yeah…but it is fun to talk about it in a discussion!

    4. Webdesign Studio

      John you missed out LinkedIn! “If you belong to any blogging groups on LinkedIn, be sure to spread the word there as well”. Steven’s the specialist you see :)

  5. Anon

    Sometimes you can also look for good commenters on your website and invite them to write on your blog.

    1. Steven

      Very good advice there! I might add it to the list.

    2. Anon

      Thanks Steven….compliments coming from you!

  6. Chris

    It might also be a good idea to announce guest bloggers before they start blogging in order to build up anticipation!

    1. First Website

      I like this idea! Makes the guest feel important too!

    2. Steven

      That’s do-able if you plan to have them as recurring guest posters or if they already have a name.

    3. Web Design Studio

      I tried out some of the tips and have already got a couple of good responses.

    4. Steven

      Great! I’m glad to hear it helped.

    5. Webdesign Studio

      Thanks for the useful tips!

  7. First Website

    It also takes away the pain of writing all the blogs yourself.

    1. Samie

      Agreed…that’s a real plus.

  8. Mike

    Can I ask someone to allow me to use content on their site as is?

    1. Web Design Studio

      I think you are referring to syndication?

    2. Mike

      Yes! If it’s syndicated by the blog owner then would it still be considered plagiarised?

    3. Steven

      syndicated by the blog owner? I’m not sure to understand…

    4. Steven

      There is no way someone would allow that. This is complete plagiarism and it could hurt both sites regarding their search engine rankings.

    5. Mike

      Oops! I misinterpreted :( Thanks for clarifying!

  9. Dana

    “specifying some editorial guidelines” for guest writers. I think it’s a good suggestion!

    1. Steven

      It’s absolutely necessary if you don’t want to have to ask your guest bloggers to rewrite their posts 3 or 4 times to fit your blog angle.

    2. Dana

      Yes! Very useful point you made…I’ll keep that in mind!

  10. Liz

    “Send a tweet or two out to your followers, saying that you’re looking for guest posts, and then include a link to the blog post for more details”. I like this idea :)

  11. Shahbaz Khan

    Thats Good Article.But Untill Now i just found two guest Posters :(

  12. Pramod

    Very useful tips. I wonder if this can be made use of for personal blogs as well. Can a personal blog get some boost because of this? Also, no one here has talked about the compensation part. What kind of fees are usually demanded for such guest posting? Or are they all free?

    1. Steven

      I think you are confusing Guest Posts and Sponsored Posts.

      When you have guests for dinner, are they paying for their own food? Are you paying them to come to your place?…

  13. Oleg

    Guest posts are really great way to grow a blog. Just looking to try some for my own.

    1. Steven

      Great! Let me know how it works for you.

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