Guest Post Tactics 6 Strategies Used by A-Listers

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Guest Post Tactics: 6 Strategies Used by A-Listers

When done properly guest posting can have a powerful impact on your blog.

The problem is, most new bloggers spend all their time focusing on finding a blog that accepts guest posts and getting their guest posts approved.

But those are just the first two steps, and they’re baby steps, at that.

Make huge strides with these six powerful guest post tactics that no one really talks about.

1. Be Relevant

When you guest post on another blog that blog owner is recommending you to his audience.

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This is your opportunity to show that new audience that you’re an expert.

This isn’t the time to promote yourself or your blog.

You need to give this audience useful information that’s relevant to show them you know how to meet their needs.

Relevant information is information that’s interesting to that particular audience.

Useful information is information they can put to use to make a difference in their life or their situation.

You’re telling the audience, “Here’s the information and here’s why it matters to you.

2. Provide Over-The-Top Quality

Before you write your guest post , read the blog you’re submitting to.

And then take your keyword, plug it into Google search and see what other bloggers are saying about your topic.

Take all of this research and create an over-the-top high-quality post that blows everyone else away.

3. Look For An Engaged Audience

Many bloggers just look for a higher ranking blog and send in a guest post.

Instead, look for a higher ranking blog that has a lot of activity, especially in the comments.

This shows that those readers are already engaged with that blog which makes it more likely that they’ll also be engaged with your guest post.

4. Exposure vs. Posting Frequency

It’s also important to study the posting frequency of the blog your submitting to.

Many bloggers publish five or six posts a day, which means your post will only be visible above the fold for a short period of time.

If the blog your submitting to has a high posting frequency, consider asking the blog owner if he’ll make yours the last post of the day so you can get more exposure.

5. Post Type

Useful, actionable content is the best type of content for a guest post.

Something the reader can immediately use to make a difference in his life.

For that reason, How-To posts are always a good choice.

A comprehensive list post is also a good choice.

Everyone loves lists and they make great sharable content.

Finally, posts that tell a personal story make an impact with the reader.

Use a personal experience to convey your message.

6. Point of Entry

This is probably the most important step on the list.

Where are you sending the readers? Most bloggers just throw in a link to their home page and hope for some traffic.

The readers who see your guest post on the other blog are going to come to your blog looking for more of the same similar content.

If they land on your homepage, who knows what they’ll see? They may not even bother scrolling.

Every time I submit a guest post somewhere I also create another highly-relevant post and publish it on my own blog first so I can link to it from my guest post.

I also include a strong call to action at the end inviting these new visitors to subscribe to my blog.

To make an even bigger impact, include a welcome message mentioning the name of the blog they’re coming from and thanking them for visiting at the beginning of the post.

After all, if these are all new visitors and you want them to feel just as welcome on your blog as they do on the other one.


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    This is great I’m very intrested in doing this for our guest so they know that they are welcome. All guest need’s atention so they can tell their friends about the warm welcome and comment that they got for us.

  2. Denise Z

    Wonderful post, thank you for sharing with us. WOW, I was just leaving a quick comment to let you know I dropped by and really enjoyed the post and my comment was not accepted because it was too short – that’s a new one to me o_O

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