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Guest Post Series: How to Structure It on Your Own Blog

Running a guest post series can be hugely beneficial for your blog in terms of increased traffic and new subscribers.

If you think one influential guest blogger brings in more traffic, wait until you see what happens when he publishes a series of posts on your blog.

And you’re also offering something of exceptional value for your already-loyal followers – the opportunity for some in-depth content that you don’t normally get with a single guest post.

How to set it all up?

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Read on…

1. Plan Your Series

When planning a guest post series it’s best to have a topic in mind, rather than let the guest blogger chose his own topic.

If you were to write your own series of posts you’d put some careful planning and thought into it, and it’s even more important when there are other bloggers involved.

2. Solicit The Guest Blogger(s)

Approach bloggers you know who could write with authority on your topic of choice.

Again, this series has the potential to draw a lot of traffic and a lot of new subscribers.

You want bloggers who are experts and who know how to craft a well-written post.

There are two ways to handle this:

  1. Ask one blogger if he’d be willing to create a series of posts on your topic, and ask him to submit ideas, including the number of posts he’ll write and their topics.
  2. Ask several bloggers if they’d each be willing to write one post on your topic and ask them to submit their post ideas.

3. Map Out Your Series

  • Decide how many posts you want in your series
  • Choose the topic and the blogger for each post

If you’re using one guest blogger and you trust his instincts you may want to let him have complete control over his content.

If you’re working with several guest bloggers you’ll need to make sure they each understand what the whole series will look like so they avoid overlapping content.

4. Create A Submission Schedule

Give each guest blogger plenty of time to complete their post but set a specific date for submission.

If you’re dealing with a group of bloggers you might want to fudge it by a day or two to allow for time zone differences or other problems that might come up.

Allow plenty of time for you to read each post and request any necessary edits, and time for loading and formatting each post.

And don’t forget, you’re going to have to link everything together at some point, too.

5. Create A Publication Schedule

Your best bet is to load up each post and schedule it out to publish at a later date so you can get everything organized for easy publishing.

And here are two more things to consider:

  1. If your series will consist of longer posts with actionable content, consider publishing one post a week to give your readers time to absorb and use the information before the next post in the series is published.
  2. If your series is written by multiple guest bloggers and the posts are shorter, publish one post in the series each day to build momentum.

Remember, even though you’re soliciting these guest blog posts this is still your blog.

You’re approaching these other bloggers because of their expertise and their writing skills, so don’t hover.

But do be clear about what you want for your blog.


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  1. Adam Roseland

    Wow, shocked that I am the first comment on here… lots of tweets but no comments!

    Anyway, great post. Should there be concern that the guest poster might take away some of your traffic? Obviously the intent is to grow your traffic, but couldn’t you potentially lose some of your current readers?

    1. Steven

      when you discover a new music band, do you stop listening every other band altogether? ;) There is no exclusivity on blog traffic. It’s not because someone is visiting another blog that they are forgetting yours.

    2. Adam Roseland

      No, i don’t stop listening to every band… but I may ignore a song a few times more often than I would have earlier if I find that new band to be fresh and exciting. I know, this all goes back to making sure your content is awesome and engaging so people wont want to leave, but hopefully you get my point.

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