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Guest Post Lander: Turn a Regular Guest Post into a Lead Generation Machine

While there are several benefits of guest blogging two of the biggest reasons it’s so popular are the incoming links you generate and the incoming traffic.

Subconsciously, most bloggers are aware of these two key benefits, but they don’t seem to make the connection.

If you’re going to put a link in your guest blog post, chances are at least a few people are going to follow it.

Your guest post will be much more effective if you link to a landing page, instead of the homepage of your blog.

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Building links to your homepage is fine because it does help increase your blog’s overall authority. But here’s what’s happening…

You’re spending a lot of time writing and submitting a really killer guest blog post and you’re linking to your homepage.

The visitors on that other blog are loving your guest post and they follow that link to your blog, where they land on your homepage and see a whole page full of what may or may not be relevant content.

For example, let’s say you blog in the Traffic Generation niche and you write a killer article about some really cool Twitter trick for getting tons of targeted traffic. You then submit that post to where I blog about making money with your blog.

When my readers see you terrific Twitter article, they’re going to follow your link thinking you have more killer traffic generation tips. And you probably do. But recently, you’ve been publishing a series of posts about how to use your Google Analytics stats to increase your traffic. In fact, your entire homepage is currently filled with all the titles from this series because that’s the way blogs work – your most recent posts appear at the top of your homepage.

The readers who followed the link in your guest post are going to be disappointed. They thought you were going to offer them more traffic tips and all they see is stuff about Google Analytics. It’s definitely a relevant topic – for some – but it’s not as relevant as it could be. It may be effective, but it could be more effective.

Send Your New Visitors To A Landing Page

I totally understand why everyone links to their homepage, but you also need to remember that people are going to follow that link. If you make your blog stickier, more of those new visitors will stick around and they’ll start sharing your content themselves. Instead of getting one miscellaneous link to your homepage, you’ll have multiple higher-authority links coming in from all over the Web.

Now, what do I mean by a “landing page?

A landing page is really whatever page is on the other end of the link, the page the visitor “lands” on when he comes to your blog. So technically, every page and post on your blog is a landing page.

But landing pages are typically used to grab your visitors’ attention and move them through a sales funnel. In this case, with guest blogging, you want to funnel them deeper into your blog.

Go ahead and write your guest post first, and then create a landing page that includes the following information:

A Welcome message: How cool would it be to read a guest post on your favorite blog, follow the link, and see a personalized welcome message at the top of the page? “Welcome to readers! Are you here looking for more information about XXX Topic?” You’ll immediately grab their attention, which is exactly what you need to do.

An elevator statement: Keep it brief but let these new visitors know what your blog is about and how you can help. Give them the link to your About page in case they want to know more.

Links to relevant content: Set up links to content that’s highly relevant to that particular guest post, and then include links to your popular posts or a special series of posts.

An invitation to subscribe: Include an invitation for these new visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and put an opt-in form right there on the page.

It takes a lot of time and effort to get a guest post written, accepted an published and you should get more out of it than just a backlink to your homepage. Create a landing page the next time you guest blog and increase the effectiveness of that link.


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  1. Michael Burrows

    Great idea, I struggle to create content for my own sites let alone have the time for guest posting. Every day when I check my rss reader there’s a couple of new posts from you. You are a content production machine :)

    1. Steven

      haha, I wouldn’t say that I’m a content production machine… I may just be a little more productive than seasoned bloggers since this is my full-time job :)

      Anyway, there is no “right number of posts”. It’s all about finding the posting rhythm that fits you.

  2. Robert Weller

    Excellent idea! I gave the creation of a guest post landing page top priority on my to do list for my blog and I’ll be interest to see how it performs.

    Have you already gathered some details on CTR or response rate?

    1. Steven

      I can’t provide you with any data because there are way too many variables.

      Depending on which blog you are guest posting, you won’t see the same CTR and the same engagement.

      It’s all about guest posting on a number of blogs, analyzing the results and posting again on the blogs that brought the most fresh readers to your own site.

  3. Naveen

    Landing page design is ultimately important to convert the guest blogging efforts in to sales or convrsion. You’ve well explained the benefits of guest posting on how to grab readers attention.


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