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Guest Post Hosting: Not-So-Secret Traffic Source

A lot of bloggers just accept guest blog posts as a way to fill in when they need a day off or to help promote a fellow blogger. But when done right, there are some real benefits for the hosting blog, like increased traffic. And you already know my opinion: If you’re going to do something on your blog, do it right and make it benefit your business.

I think the big mistake we’ve been making with guest blogging is we’re putting all the responsibility on the shoulders of the person submitting the guest post. The blog owners have been a little bit cautious, but in the end, if they have a hole to fill in their posting schedule or they’re trying to help another blogger, they tend to turn a blind eye and just hit “Publish.

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If, as the blog owner, you put just as much effort into finding high-quality guest bloggers as they do when they’re trying to find you, you might actually bring in more traffic.

Instead of waiting for high-quality guest posts to trickle in while you’re wading through all the other dreck, reach out and invite guest bloggers. But not just any blogger will do. Look for influential bloggers, people who have lots of authority and respect.

Find Influencers

Start by using or to find influential bloggers in your niche. Influencers are people who not only have large followings, but their followers are engaged. Look for lots of blog comments, and lots of interaction in their chosen social networks.

Be Realistic

Understand that you probably won’t be able to attract a highly-respected A-List blogger if your blog is only a few months old. Look for influencers who have around 2,000 Twitter followers they actively engage. (Or whatever social network they’re using.) They’re well-known, respected and influential, but they still have the time and the desire to promote their brand.

Court Influencers

Follow these influencers on Twitter and Facebook, subscribe to their blog and start leaving valuable comments. Tweet and Share their posts so they’ll see you on the horizon.

Invite Them to Guest Post

Send them an email and invite them to guest post on your blog and tell them why. Maybe you liked their insightful post about Forex trading or you think your readers would enjoy their wit and wisdom.

Promote Their Posts And Yours

Ask the guest blogger to promote their post on their social networks and to write a blurb about it on their own blog. Then you do the same and help cross-promote that guest post.

The face of guest blogging may be changing but it’s still one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and extend your reach, for both parties involved. Put some time and effort into choosing influential guest bloggers and you’ll reap the rewards, too.


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  1. Johnny Bravo

    Love the post. It’s not often to see a post about getting guest bloggers and the benefits involved. Usually every post is about how to get someone to accept your guest posts. But you’re 100% right that its just as valuable to get guest posts on your blog. The same concepts apply. More traffic, farther reach, and introductions to a whole new audience. Of course, as long as they are quality posts.

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