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Traffic is the ultimate goal of every blogger. Without the right traffic you will never see success. You need people to read your blog and that is what traffic provides. So what happens when you start off and have little to no traffic? Simple, you work to build it. Many people might find that statement to be one of ‘easier said than done’, but actually building traffic is not as difficult as you might imagine. It takes a little effort, but once you have mastered it you will find that continuing to build it becomes simpler.

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quickly grow blog traffic

One of the best ways to entice traffic is to contribute on other blogs. Many bloggers use this tactic to not only bring people to their own page, but to also develop a rapport with other bloggers. Blogging is much like a community and those who do it have a lot in common. You can benefit from working together to bounce traffic back and forth. The best way to make your contributions count is to find a relevant post, add an insightful and informative comment and link to a page with similar information. Those who visit will stop by and check out what you have to say and if your content is good they just might stay.

When people do stop by it is important that you make them feel welcome and important. The best way to achieve this is to make commenting easy and encourage your visitors to join in. Having interactive posts will get everyone talking and may lead to subscribers. You can also take this opportunity to speak with your guests one-on-one. Use your comments section to reply to their comments and add your own information. They will easily begin to see you as friendly and approachable and will be more likely to acknowledge you as an authority on the subject.

Another thing that bloggers often forget is that those who like your posts want to tell others. This means they need a way to share it. If you make it simply by including buttons that let your visitors share on their social networking sites, then you are going to see far more traffic than if you expect them to find a way themselves. The simple fact is that people are much more likely to do something that is easy or that their friends have recommended. Take advantage of this word of mouth and make it simple for everyone to share what you have to say.

Growing blog traffic is vital to your success, but it is not as difficult as you think it is. If you get out there and get to know others and present them with a link to your page you will find that they check it out. From there it is up to you to have the top quality content that they have come to expect from blogs so that you can keep them interested. Growing your traffic is great, turning them into subscribers is even better.

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  1. James Debono

    Bonjour Steven,

    Your post was informative and insightful.

    I agree with you. If you want to increase your traffic you have to spend time commenting on other blogs and sharing other peoples material. Once you do this you will find that other bloggers will search you out and return the favour.

    Getting blog traffic is not difficult it just requires patience, persistence and quality content.


    1. Steven

      Persistance is the key-word here. Too many people are looking for instant success then they give up.

  2. Bill Smith

    Quite informative post Steven,
    It’s a bit tough thing to jump up traffic to your blog because of so many people on the internet creates too much competition in every field. You are right it is the world of mouth so if our content is high quality then we get the interest of people. It is also right that we should comment on others blog so that we get the maximum back links.

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