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I hate to keep repeating myself but here it is again: If you’re planning to make money with your blog then you need to treat it like a business. Choosing any old name because it’s “cute” or it “sounds” good or it’s available isn’t enough. Your domain name is how people will find your online business, therefore it requres your complete attention.

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Here are seven characteristics of a good domain name for best WordPress SEO.

  1. It’s short: Three letters is great but plan on spending at least $25K for one. Most of the four-letter domains are gone, too. If you have the cash then go for it. A three- or four-letter domain is always, always, always a good investment. If you don’t use it you can sell it to someone else and make a tidy little profit.
  2. It’s easy to remember: Taking the name Yahoo and changing a letter might sound like a good idea. But most people will only remember that your domain name had “something to do with Yahoo.”
  3. It’s easy to spell: Stay away from commonly misspelled words, ancient languages and obscure words that are only used in encyclopedias. You know. Words like “encyclopedia.
  4. It has no hypens or numbers: Hyphens and numbers are out. They look good… on your business card or on a monitor. But you want people to talk about your blog, too. Imagine how difficult it will be for someone to tell their friend, “No, it’s not the word O-N-E, it’s the number, followed by…
  5. It reflects your business: If you turn to your search engine for information on a new book, which website will you click on – or Exactly. Your readers would, too. Choose a domain name that reflects the nature of your business.
  6. It’s a dot com domain: Always go for a dot com domain. Don’t settle for anything less. Most people will always type dot com at the end of your domain name when they’re searching, no matter how big or how well-known your blog is.
  7. It’s brandable: What about names like Yahoo, Zazzle and Squidoo? Looking at those names they’re not necessarily easy to spell and they tell you nothing about the business behind the domains. But what makes them different is they’re brandable. Pepsi and Nike aren’t brandable either but when you hear those words you know exactly what they’re talking about. Don’t be afraid to create a new word for branding purposes. Just be prepared for a little extra work in the beginning.

Why bother choosing a good domain name? After all, most people are either going to follow a link or find you through an organic search, right? Wrong. The very best type of traffic you’ll ever have is direct traffic – those people who remember your blog well enough to just type your domain name into their address bar. That means they’ve seen your blog before and they liked it so much they want to come back. Make it easy on them and choose a good domain name.

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  1. Rick Noel

    Excellent piece Steven. I couldn’t agree more with your seven characteristics of good domain names. When discussing this topic with start-up businesses, it’s hard to overstate the importance of selecting a domain name that meets these seven characteristics and is representative of their brand. A domain name cost much more than the registration fee as all marketing materials generally reference your website and domain name, so picking carefully is important as the investment will go well beyond your website. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Rick! A lot of people make the mistake of picking their domain name because it’s funny or because it’s clever. They fail to realize that this domain name is going to stick with them for the lifetime of their business.

  2. Fredrick Mutooni

    Thanks . Alot of people give their business cards with web site that you cannot tell what the site is about .Example

  3. Jong

    In 1998 (if I am not mistaken) I registered my name fuifa dot com with a company that offer free dot com domain and I regretted doing so because I can’t get it back since. They sold the domain.

    I wish I know more about domain name back then.

    1. Steven

      Ah, sorry to hear that, Jong. I was never able to secure my family name .com domain.

  4. Malika Bourne

    Thanks for the validation. I just changed my blog site domain name from from 10 letter domain nameto 5 letters. My son suggested it.
    Already in a week I have had more hits than in a year with the old one.

    1. Steven

      It’s good to hear Malika! congratulations

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