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Intelligent Google Plus marketing planners know that this network continues to grow at an alarming rate of speed. The first few months of G Plus seemed to be all about silly pictures and frivolous, humor-based updates but now that many heavy hitters are on board more people seem to embrace Google Plus as a viable internet marketing platform.

Google Plus marketing is about creating value, making friends and persistently taking each day on a daily basis. The basic social media recipe of creating and connecting applies here, too, but you must note how G Plus differs from its twitter and Facebook buddies.

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google plus marketing

Each network uses a different strategy to stand out from the social media crowd. Google Plus seems to be focused on ease of use speed to entice users away from the other networking heavyweights. If you can use this network to your advantage by building a smart Google Plus marketing campaign you can see immense returns quite quickly.

Google Plus Marketing Mastery

If you wish to be a master marketer you must follow 5 simply success tips on the social network. Google Plus marketing provides you with an easy way to spread the word if you show up and share value persistently.

I admit that I used to work the network in fits and starts; some days I focused on G Plus, others, on Facebook and other days I used LinkedIn to connect with my target audience. When I decided to make Google Plus marketing a critical part of my overall advertising campaign I saw immediate returns.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows, as the old saying goes, so focus much of your creative efforts on the social networking site to see more near and long term benefits.

Being persistent makes you stand out from the G Plus crowd so show up daily to make a real impact on your target audience.

1. Stay in the Google Plus Stream

Staying in the Google Plus stream helps you program people with your value-packed message. Each Google Plus user is hit with a barrage of updates daily so make sure to take your foot off of the pedal, at least once in a while. Intelligent Google Plus user send out a slow but steady stream of valuable, insightful content, aimed at building their authority on the social network.

google plus stream

Be an intelligent user to build your Google Plus marketing campaign on a strong foundation. Stay in the stream by sending out updates on an hourly basis each day. If you really want to make an impact send out updates every 20 to 30 minutes during working hours.

2. Program Your Google Plus Circle Mates

Each update programs people to respond to your message. Think of a TV or radio commercial to find a fitting analogy for staying in the stream. You hear a TV or radio tune once or twice. You might vibe with the commercial quickly but chances are you need to hear the offering a few more times before you resonate with the marketing ploy.

After seeing or hearing the commercial for 5 or 10 times the concept begins to grow on you. What happened? You are literally being programmed to respond to a catchy, clever and most of all, persistent message. Once you deliver a consistent, persistent message many people tend to respond favorably because you influenced these people to act on a subconscious level. Deliver. Prosper. Be a Google Plus marketing whiz.

3. Use Bright Shiny Images For Better Google Plus Marketing

Bright, shiny images seem to snag the average Google Plus viewer’s attention more quickly than on alternative social networks. Perhaps it is because Google Plus helps users to make a bigger image, allowing you to post large, clear images compared to some other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

If you wish to become a success on G Plus use images extensively in your internet marketing strategy. Post pictures of your latest vacations or your family to lighten the mood and inspire people to chase their dreams.

bright shiny image

Post images with each blog post to boost your page views and increasing your Plus One’s received. By attaching relevant images to your updates you tend to note an instant jump in sharing activity on the network.

Google Plus marketing pros know that people cannot resist clicking on bright, shiny pictures because we all love bright, shiny objects on some level.

4. Join Relevant Google Plus Communities

Joining relevant, targeted communities improves your Google Plus marketing strategy quickly because you avoid wheel spinning ways which cripple most G Plus users. Use the network with a specific goal in mind: decide on whom you want to reach before connecting with individuals.

Contributing on communities relevant to your niche simply optimizes your Google Plus marketing campaign quickly. Each person you connect is likely interested in your product or service. Individuals who see your latest blog posts or comments are probably interested in joining your team on some level.

Showing up in front of prying eyes helps you avoid the dreaded 3 or 4 year learning curve which influences many weak-willed entrepreneurs to fail miserably. Once you see results quickly by networking with folks from your niche you tend to coast through any little lulls and see online success at a faster pace.

Keep at it to see results on the social networking site. Google Plus users are generally helpful, caring and thoughtful folks who want to help you succeed. Find these people on relevant networks to grow your friend base and prosper through the marketing medium.

Make sure that you give before taking when working G Plus groups to make a serious impact with your Google Plus marketing campaign. Each intelligent marketer knows the importance of promoting individuals and posting comments to their blog posts so that you can build your friend base quickly.

Helping others out on Google Plus is a win-win proposition for you. You already won by promoting something else for whatever you put out returns to you multiplied. Once you begin to see individuals promote you in increasing numbers you will wonder why you did not take such a generous approach to your Google Plus marketing campaign from day 1.

5. Respond to Google Plus Comments

Responding to comments on your updates further strengthens your Google Plus marketing campaign. People want to see that you are not asleep at the wheel and responding to comments is one of the better ways to prove that you are in fact listening.

reply to google plus comments

Respond to as many comments as possible, within reason, because once you see 20 or 30 mentions within a 1 to 2 hour period answering all interactions is virtually impossible.

Simply say “Thank You” when you can, answer questions and engage your circle mates to expand your presence on the social networking site and power up your Google Plus marketing campaign.

Most failing G Plus users never respond. If you never show up to answer questions or thank individuals for their kindness you have not proved that you are listening. Whatever business you work, you must prove that you are listening to the needs of individuals who are interested in your product or service.

Unless you listen you are dead in the water, business-wise, so begin listening carefully and responding to G Plus updates to strengthen your Google Plus marketing campaign.

Google Plus marketing for business requires you to solve problems. Google Plus social media gurus know that listening for problems helps you provide solutions to these problems.

Observe which posts seem to be the most popular and build future pieces of content on these ideas. If you wish to find out how to market on Google Plus you can find out all that you need to know by listening closely to what your circle mates respond to.

6. Automate Some Processes In Your Google Plus Marketing

OK, I admit that I was lacking in this area for a long, long time. I manually sent out each update for many years on Google Plus, hurting my fingers and overall marketing campaign.

You must automate if you wish to have a life and a dependable Google plus marketing strategy. Whether you are focused on Plus 1 marketing or increasing your engagement you need to automate some processes to free up your schedule.

Using tools helps you send out updates while you sleep in bed, or while you are lounging on the beach, or while you are doing other stuff not related to Google Plus. Use technology to make your job easier. Get a life outside of your business. Automate some of your updates to free up your schedule.

One note: avoid going overboard in the automation department. Smart entrepreneurs know the secret to smart G Plussing; interacting with people most of the time and automating a small portion of the time. Setting up this type of ratio, heavy on engagement, helps you gain the trust of your target audience and expand your presence quickly.

What About Your Google Plus Marketing Strategy?

Do you use G Plus to build your online marketing campaign?

How do you work your Google Plus marketing plan? Do you need to improve engaging your circle mates?

Do you need to improve your automation?

How can you better develop your Google Plus marketing campaign?

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  1. Mark

    ryan this is a great post i have to admit. i was just looking for similar information. I have joined a few communities in my niche and started to work with them. At the moment i get pretty nice results that’s why what you say is perfectly reasonable to me. Thanks!

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Awesome Mark!

      By being an active contributor on communities you can see a nice spike in traffic.

      Just be super social and you will have few issues succeeding on Google Plus.

      Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Suresh Khanal

    I was expecting that you will suggest to use Google+ Comment system in blog, but surprised to see you did not pronounce anything in this aspect.

    Joining relevant Google+ communities definitely helps. I’m trying to build a community around it and looking for some more groups to join.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      That idea is solid Suresh, I just love keeping Com Luv enabled, so my bloggers get more juice.

      Communities rock! I learn this more and more each day. If you can give freely you will reap tremendous returns.

      Thanks for sharing!


  3. Bishnu Subedi Nishan

    Google+ Nowadays becoming the best social network for me too ! By joining some Google Plus Communities, I am getting worthy readers for my blog !

    Thanks Ryan for nice tips ! Hoping more tips from you !

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      I am REALLY digging G Plus these days Bishnu.

      If you join Communities and contribute you will see steady if not spectacular returns in due time.

      Simply keep meeting and giving, and good things will happen for you.

      Thanks buddy!


  4. Nwosu Desmond

    I have been very poor on Google+ comment replies as i spend more time on Facebook than Google+, a defect i intend to fix immediately after reading this article. Thanks for sharing such an amazing piece.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Sometimes Nwosu it can be overwhelming. I get to what I can get to, and leave the rest.

      I think sharing other people’s content and responding when you can is the way to go.

      Thanks for sharing buddy, good to see you here!


  5. Ivin Viljoen

    Hello Ryan. I like to automate as much as I can and here and there show my face or personality with a random update that shows I’m human, but I’ve not yet seen a tool like Twitterfeed or something similar to automate Google+ Could you educate me on some resources for that?

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      DoShare is a rocking G Plus automation tool Ivin, but there is one issue; you need to be online for the updates to post.

      If you leave your computer on this works of courseā€¦.I do not know of any other tools that post to Google Plus profile walls.

      Thanks for sharing!


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