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Golden Hour: Every Blogger has a Preferred Time of Day to Write

If you frequently find yourself struggling with writer’s block, perhaps you just haven’t discovered your Golden Hour yet, that hour when your writing muse awakens and takes over your brain. For some people it usually lasts around four to six hours. The problem is – when does your Golden Hour start?

You’ve probably heard other people call themselves a “Morning Person” or a “Night Owl” and you assume that’s when they do their best work, but that’s not necessarily the case. Those terms generally just mean you like to rise early or stay up late.

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It’s important to publish content on your blog frequently and consistently. Additionally, as your blog develops you’ll have lots of other tasks you need to perform – after you write your posts. If you want to make money with your blog then that means you’re going to need to get organized to improve your productivity so you can keep producing that steady flow of content.

It’s important to note that most people have a peak performance time and they also have a certain time of day when their energy levels take a nosedive. Then, a few hours later they may feel amped up again and ready to tackle more work.

If you’re not sure when you peak hours are, monitor your activities for a few days. At what time of day do you feel most energetic and what are you doing during those hours?

I’ve always felt most energetic in the morning, about an hour after I get out of bed. However, I also always spent the first two or three hours of each day reading the newspaper and drinking my coffee, walking the dogs, catching up on household chores and such. By the time I’d sit down at my computer my Golden Hour was nearly over.

Once I realized I was wasting precious blogging time, I rearranged my schedule and I compromised. I get up an hour earlier so I can run some errands, and read the paper, but I drink my coffee at my desk while I’m firing up my computer for the day. I leave household chores for the end of the day now, like people who work at jobs outside the home.

There’s nothing that says you have to start blogging as soon as you wake up. In fact, that’s the beauty of blogging – you really can set your own schedule.

But the key to building a successful, long-term blogging business is to post content frequently and consistently. If you find yourself constantly battling blogger’s block then you’re probably using your Golden Hour for something other than blogging. Analyze your daily habits and see where you can make some compromises and changes.


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