Getting Guest Posts How Do I Get Writers for My Blog?

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Getting Guest Posts: How Do I Get Writers for My Blog?

With all the talk about guest blogging these days you’d think there’d be bloggers lined up out the door, begging and pleading to be a guest on your blog, but they’re not, are they? And the bloggers who do send you articles are … well, maybe not your first choice. After all, a guest blogger is supposed to bring traffic to your blog, not chase it away. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to get other, quality bloggers to guest blog on your blog.

Before you start advertising for guest bloggers you need to understand that it really only works if everybody involved gets something out of it.

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The blog owner is looking for quality content. If it happens to come from a big-name blogger who brings along his own followers, so much the better. That’s additional traffic and exposure for his blog.

The guest blogger is looking for more exposure and a link back to his blog and he’s typically looking for a blog that ranks higher than his own, or at least one with a sizable audience.

And of course, the audience is the third member of this trio. If they enjoy the guest blog post then they’re grateful to the blog owner for sharing and many will start following the new blogger, as well.

As a blog owner, your goal is to attract guest bloggers who provide quality content and who can add value to your blog. That value may be the content itself. But there’s additional value in being able to attract big-name guest bloggers who already have their own massive following.

Set up a Write For Us page

Set up a page on your blog to let people know you accept guest blog posts. The guidelines you choose are up to you. You might prefer they contact you with their idea first or maybe you don’t have time for that and you’d rather they just submit their complete article.

If you’re asking them to submit their completed post, make sure you include any requirements regarding formatting, post length, images, resource links, etc. You’ll want to be very specific about the links you’ll allow and how much information the blogger can put in his byline or resource box.

Make sure you include easy contact information, either your email address or a contact form.

Tell Them The Benefits

Let people know what they’ll get if they guest blog for you. Tell them how many visitors you get and how you promote your blog. Let them know you’ll be helping to promote their guest posts, too. After all, you’ll both benefit from the additional traffic. I know I’ve hesitated to guest blog before because I didn’t think the owner would promote my post, so that might just the thing some guest bloggers are looking for.

Contact your favorite bloggers directly

There are several sites you can visit to buy guest blog posts or hook up with other bloggers but why would you want to go to a stranger? You already know other bloggers or you at least visit other blogs on a regular basis. Those are bloggers you admire and respect and those are the people you want to be guests on your blog. Contact them directly with a polite email. And remember to tell them what’s in it for them.


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  1. Doris

    Couldn’t have written it better!
    Often guest blogs have to be heavily edited. I received only once a great post, even with an image I could use for the article.
    I also have to teach guest bloggers how to write for the internet.
    Not sure if they realize that these posts are a sample of their writing skills…

    1. Steven

      Thanks Doris! Writing for a blog is not the same as writing for the print industry, but anyone who knows their subject can put together an interesting blog post.

  2. Louie Sison

    This post gave me a clear idea on how I can get other bloggers guest post on my blog. very insightful.

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