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Getting Facebook fans drives many FB users to do some pretty silly things. Spamming folks or sending unsolicited pitches to strangers absolutely destroys your online reputation. Once you lose trust you have to work 10 times harder to get the trust back, so focus on getting Facebook fans using a high energy, helpful approach.

Once you change your mindset and focus on helping people your fan numbers will jump immediately. This is because you are less concerned with getting fans and more concerned with helping other people. You become more popular, expand your presence and gain more fans as you simply make your goal to help individuals on a daily basis.

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getting facebook fans

Getting Facebook fans is not difficult at all; give before you get. Focus on sowing freely and the reaping – boosting your fan count – becomes quite easy.

1. Like Stuff

Liking content makes you more likable. Becoming more likable makes you attract more fans. It is easy to become popular once you support other people on a persistent basis. The biggest, most rousing Fan bases usually originate when one person simply decides to be as helpful as possible over a sustained period of time. This individual likes content, leaves helpful comments and then, after using this strategy, getting Facebook fans becomes a piece of cake.

If you want to get more fans you better Like stuff on Facebook and help people. The easy way to get fans on Facebook is to assist people, to increase their authority, to expand their presence and to boost their self esteem by Liking their value-packed work.

Commenting on posts also does wonders in the Fan attracting department. If you wish to know how to get fans focus on the idea of sowing and reaping. Once you give freely fans seem to find you with increasing ease. You want to influence people to Like your fan page so Like other people’s fan pages, and status updates, each day, to influence folks to Like your content and page.

This idea is lost on many people who simply figure that getting Facebook fans means asking people to Like their page. This strategy is not as effective as helping other people and promoting them by giving their updates mad props. Once you are quick to boost other people and expand their presence other people will be happy to do the same thing for you. Take a deep breath, forget worrying about yourself and focus on supporting people to gain the support of others, and getting Facebook fans becomes quite easy.

2. Write Good Content

Writing good content is 1 quick way to expand your Facebook Page via word of mouth marketing. Getting Facebook fans is usually the direct result of creating helpful, usable content which is attractive to your target audience. Make it a habit to create at least 1 keyword-rich, targeted blog post each and every day to boost your fan count.

If you want to get free Facebook fans you must pay something, as nothing is free in this world. Pay of your time and energy by creating immense value through your content, and you will receive according to the quality of content you churn out on a daily basis. The most intelligent Facebook page owners know one of the best ways to get fans is to simply bring the most value to the table.

Creating value through blog posts or even videos takes serious practice. You cannot become prolific without practicing each day, so start working and focus on getting Facebook fans through this organic channel.

Practice by listening to the needs of your target audience. Hang out on related Facebook Fan pages to see what FB Fans from a similar niche are complaining about, or what these folks are dream about, and you will have no issues getting more fans because you are creating tailor-made content for these individuals to soak up and consume quickly.

3. Make More Friends

Making more friends is a key to getting Facebook fans quickly. Think how fast you can boost your fan count if you connect with 2, 10 or 20 new Facebook friends each day. Imagine how quickly you can increase your fan count when many of these friends aggressively promote you to their following.

By simply being nice, helping people and persisting each day you can easily attract more fans. This is not some difficult task; be a friend to become a friend.

Aggressively work Facebook groups and fan pages by leaving valuable comments, promoting people and assisting individuals whenever someone happens to ask a question.

This simple, logical step is missed by many marketers who are intent on getting Facebook fans. These folks continue to ask their current friends instead of making new friends who might be interested in liking their page. Simple network aggressively on a daily basis to connect with more folks who might be willing to boost your fan count.

Move out of your comfort zone. If you have already reaches your 5000 friend limit, aggressively promote your page. Keep meeting new people as some folks unfriend you to add fans at a quicker clip.

4. Detach from Getting Likes

This might be the most difficult tip to follow when you are intent on getting Facebook fans. Detaching from outcomes helps you move into acts which create the outcomes. You have heard the advice that doing what you love is key, and the money follows. The detachment bit is similar, but more focused on doing the stuff which leads to more Likes, which in turn creates the outcome.

If you check your Facebook Fan Page stats on a daily basis you might be disappointed as most numbers fluctuate in a big way; 1 day you add 15 fans and the next day you lose 5 fans. This is the way most Facebook marketing campaigns work. If you stop checking stats and start focusing on all of the other tips I share you will be quick to attract folks who vibe with your vision and Like your page quickly.

Do not check your metrics daily. Try checking in once a week, perhaps on Saturday, if you are set on getting Facebook fans for the long haul. People come and go and their likes often change with the wind so do not get caught up in their feelings, checking your stats each day. Focus on the long term; when you see an extra 100, 500, or even 1,000 fans in a month – if you are really reeling them in – you forget about the daily fluctuations which are sure to skew your overall stats.

5. Show Up Daily

To get more fans on Facebook try showing up daily to work the social network. Most successes simply show up more than the average user. You might find folks who believe that you are everywhere, or feel that you have 20 social media assistants working for you, but the truth is that a hungry, driven person simply makes a stronger impression on people’s minds than a lazy person.

Showing up daily grows easier if you know getting Facebook fans will help strengthen your brand and grow your business. You always need to find a driver if you want to reach certain goals, and when your driver, or motivator, is pure, you will show up and work Facebook on a daily basis.

Set short and long term goals for your overall marketing campaign. Once you have a goal to aim for you are likely to push yourself to reach these goals. Growing your brand and your business helps you become free. You all seek freedom on some level, and folks with the most pure intents want to help others experience freedom too. Hold these feelings in mind if you feel a pull to take the day off, push yourself a bit farther, and you can make a serious impact on your Facebook buddies by working the social network on a daily basis.

6. Promote Your Page

This one seems like something too obvious to note but you would be stunned at how few people promote their Facebook Page across multiple social networks. I even noted one uber successful home business coach who promotes his page whenever he leaves a comment on Google Plus. Super smart move for getting Facebook fans quickly.

Aggressively market your page to get more fans. Use twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn to promote your page, and you can also use video sites like YouTube to market your page and get more fans. Simply shoot a helpful video and link up to your Facebook Fan Page link in the description section of the video to get a few more Likes. If you are into blogging simply link up in your resource box, removing your capture or squeeze page link and replacing with your Facebook Fan Page.

Getting Facebook fans becomes easier if you are willing to spread the word across multiple social networks.

Do you use these tips to get more Facebook fans?

Are you struggling to get more fans on the social network?

What tips can you add to this list for getting more Facebook fans?


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  1. Vivek Gowda

    Well written…In my opinion we should get loyal likes on our page…so that we can surely expect some traffic when we share something on fan page…Another thing many probloggers follow is at the starting they pay for likes and then display that huge like count to other users den new users will be impressed and they too like the page.I have seen this method…It also worked for them….:)

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Loyal fans do count most Vivek, important point that you make!

      As for paying it has its benefits as you can wow folks with social proof. Just keep creating value and grow the numbers organically too. Thanks!

  2. Nwosu Desmond

    It gives a new visitor confidence when he notices there are many fans already following you and making yourself available to engage with your fans also help. Fans are not just people who come once in awhile to like a page and go away, they will always see your posts when you share them and so do their friends and friends of friends when they like it, so being friendly and helpful can also help one boast his fan base. Thanks for the tips you shared.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Friendly and helpful are 2 key qualities each entreprenuer must possess, loving the tips here Nwosu! Take your time to thank people for their Likes or comments and engage frequently to connect with a big audience. Thanks!

  3. Marilyn Cada

    thanks for the tip Ryan. badly needed this one since i have only very few Facebook fans :) i already have 1900 plus facebook friends but i will only add those users who are interested in my blog such as bloggers, freelance writers or those people who wants a home based business opportunity.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      No worries Marilyn ;) The Fan Count will increase as you share helpful content and engage individuals on a daily basis. Being persistent makes you stand out from the online crowd. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Plato P.

    I have created this facebook page 3 years ago. I have been postin regularly for the past 3 years and do some promoting stuffs + almost all the stuffs you said in this post. After 3 years of hardwork, what I have is a 14,000 fans. Most of the other pages which were in the same niche have got a huge followings. I don’t know what I am actually doing wrong.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      14,000 is nothing to sneeze at! Well done ;) Forget about comparing yourself to other people; this is the online KISS OF DEATH lol….it will hold you back. 14K is great, keep connecting, keep growing…thanks!

    2. Plato P.

      I guess you’re right, I must stop comparing myself with others! :) And I really hope the fan base increases. I will be doing all the stuffs you’ve written + the stuffs I have been doing all these years.

      BTW Thanks for the tip.

    3. Ryan Biddulph

      Yep, kill that comparison curse ;) By frequently connecting with people and improving your relationships the numbers will grow quite naturally.

      Thanks for sharing your insight with us!! Please come back soon.


  5. Reginald


    Thanks for sharing! For me, the best way to get more FB fans is playing smart. Tell them to like your page instead of just adding you as friends. Double job right?

    I mean…people might think adding you as friend is enough and why they should like your page. So, tell me (in a nice way) that instead of just friends, send them a link to your page directly.

    Just my 2 cents!


    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Yes this makes perfect sense, thanks for sharing ;) Ask people for a Like and you are much more likely to get the Like. On the flip side if you rarely ask people to do stuff they never do it…smart tips.

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