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Backlinks are like the Holy Grail for bloggers. Remarkable content? Anyone can do that. But it’s those elusive, quality backlinks we’re always in search of. Frequently, just when you think you’ve found one, something comes along and snatches it out of your grasp – like another Google algorithm update. Is it becoming harder to get backlinks? You know me, I like to look at both sides of the issue. Yes, it is, and no, it isn’t. How’s that for an answer?


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Yes, It’s Becoming Harder to Get Backlinks

Let’s look at some of the ways we get these backlinks.

First, we comment on other blogs and drop our links in forums. While these are two easy ways to build backlinks they’ve never been the the best. Most blogs and forums will allow you to leave a link but they use the no-follow attribute. Visitors can still follow those links so they do generate some additional traffic but they have no value for the search engines.

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Next, we use techniques like article marketing and building 2.0 properties to build backlinks. In most cases, these links are more beneficial because they’re do-follow links, which carry authority with the search engines.

And finally, the most elusive, yet also the most valuable backlink of all, the natural backlink which occurs when another blogger links out to you simply because they find your content so remarkable. Natural backlinks carry a lot of link juice which helps increase your blog’s Google rankings.

All of these links are becoming harder to get. More blogs and forums are being careful about allowing you to include your own links and most are now using the no-follow attribute. Google is watching for bloggers who create an unnatural number of backlinks using 2.0 properties and penalizing those who do. And bloggers are being more cautious about who they link out to because linking to a poor quality blog can affect their own site’s rankings.

So yes, it’s becoming more difficult to get backlinks because Google is watching more closely for poor quality content and penalizing those who link out to it and they’re watching for an overabundance of artificially generated backlinks and penalizing the site they’re linking to.

No, Quality Backlinks Are Still Easy To Snag

The best backlinks your blog can generate have always been natural backlinks, those which occur when another blogger links to one of your articles because it’s a valuable source of information that he wants to share with his readers. These are still the best backlinks, especially in the eyes of Google, and nothing about them has changed. They’re still just as easy to get as ever.

Which is to say, they’re also still just as elusive as ever for some bloggers. The only way to generate these backlinks is to consistently write the type of content that other bloggers want to link to, and they’re not going to send their readers to just any old blog. Your content must consistently be fresh, unique and remarkable because even though they’re linking to one of your articles they are, in essence, recommending your entire blog.

So natural backlinks are no harder to get than they’ve ever been and once you get the first one it’s easier to get more because you’ve finally “discovered” the secret formula. Unfortunately, some bloggers may search their entire lives and never find this elusive Holy Grail of blogging. But now that you know what you’re looking for, get busy and start writing.

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  1. Andi The Minion

    So we are to reinforce the idea, quality content first and foremost. I couldn’t agree more, it might take a bit longer and include more work but I truly believe it will pay off better in the long run.

    1. Steven

      Nowadays, it’s absolutely impossible to become an authority without quality content. People have to understand that before launching their new online project.

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