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Get Comments: 3 Tactics to Spark Discussions on Your New Blog

Nobody likes to be the first one at the party. You have to sit their with the host breathing down your neck, trying to come up with some small-talk. And let’s face it, it’s just plain boring. But if there’s already a crowd there when you arrive, and they’re rockin’ the joint like there’s no tomorrow, then you’re ready to join the party.

Tired of that empty party-room at the end of your blog posts? Here are three tactics to kick-start your comments so your readers don’t have to worry about being the “first to arrive.

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Call For Back-up Assistance

If this is your very first blog and you’re just getting started, don’t panic. Comments will eventually come. But you can help speed up the process by “seeding” your blog with comments from your friends and family. Contact every one you know and ask them to visit and leave a comment.

Keep in mind, too, that most of your friends and family aren’t going to understand what you really need. You don’t want comments like, “Nice blog, honey. See you at dinner on Sunday.” And “Hey, dude! Cool blog!” won’t help either.

As everybody to read the blog post and ask a question or leave a comment relating their own personal experience. You want something that looks like a conversation. If they still don’t understand what you need, write it out and let them just copy and paste.

Contact Your Blogging Buddies

You’ll get better quality comments if you contact your blogging network and ask them to help you get a running start. Other bloggers already know how to leave comments that add value and they’ll appreciate the opportunity to drop a link.

Even after your blog starts getting lots of comment activity you still want to encourage those blogging buddies to stop by and join in the conversation.

Focus On Your Content

Honestly, you’re going to get comments eventually, so there’s really no need to worry. Contacting friends and family, and making sure they know how to leave the kind of comments you need, and then tracking down your blogging buddies all takes a lot of time. And that’s time that might be better spent working on your content.

Focus on creating killer content and include a call to action. A lot of visitors never even think about leaving a comment. Instead of just letting them leave your blog, tell them what you want them to do. Include a call to action at the end of each post that tells your readers to leave a comment.

You can help them along even more by giving them a reason to comment. Some folks just don’t think they have anything worthwhile to say, so ask them a question. When you go to a party and meet someone new you ask them a question to get the conversation started. Sometimes that’s all you need to do on your blog, too. Ask your readers a question and tell them to respond in the comments below.


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  1. Elliott Scott

    I’ve just begun really getting into my blog. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get some interaction. This really gave me some great tips! I appreciate the post!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for the kind words Elliott! Stay tuned for more advice :)

  2. John Wink

    Your ideas are simple and helpful. I think I’m going to try questioning at the end to see if people will comment. I never thought of asking my tweeps to comment, but that is something else to consider. Thank you for writing a nice piece that is concise and direct.


    1. Steven

      You’re welcome John. I’m always happy if I can be of any help.

  3. Moanation

    You can not be more right. You have just opened my eyes better. I started a social website and told my family and even my members of my wife family. I mean at the moment only 4 people comment on it. I try to make a comment everyday. I even told people in work. I will restart university on 7jan13, I think I will use it aswell, but what else do you think i should do more. I am already following you on twitter. You can check my website and as it is said on it, moan about something even my website itself and maybe say what can be improved.

    Please keep posting usefull advices,. Than you very much

    Moanation team

    1. Steven

      It’s important to be proud of your blog and to plug it whenever appropriate. You’ll get more people posting comments in no time!

  4. Annelise Piers

    Loved these tips! Will use the same logic for FB and LinkedIn too. Thanks!

    Do stop by our blog ;) Your suggestions would be very welcomed.

    1. Steven

      No problem, I’ll visit your blog Annelise.

  5. Elizabeth

    I love these tips! Great info that’s sending me back to a couple of recent posts to ask that all important question at the end!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for the kind words Elizabeth!

  6. Sandy Appleyard

    One other thing I noticed that increased the amount of comments is by adding a plugin that enables your audience to show their last blog or last tweet, etc. plus their website. This acts as an incentive so they can plug themselves as well :)

    1. Steven

      You’re right Sandy, I see this type of plugin on a lot of websites. But a lot of times, it end up in a lot of low quality comments just for the sake of getting backlinks. It’s not my approach to quality blogging :)

  7. Eric

    Great tips. I have just started and have been thinking of strategies to get subscribers and comments going. These ideas are great. It seems to me that all the problems with traffic, comments, and subscriptions can be solved with good content. Writing is one of my strengths however I know layout and visual presentation is important as well. thanks for the good ideas.


    1. Steven

      Without good well-organised content, you can put all the efforts in the world in your blog, but you won’t get anywhere.

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