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Every blogger reaches a point where they feel they absolutely have to sit down right now and make a decision: Is it time to quit that day job? It’s a life-altering decision and one you shouldn’t take lightly. But you have more than two options.

quit your job

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If you’re not quite ready to make that jump yet, reach out for help, instead.

Chances are, if you’re really thinking about quitting your day job then your blog is getting some traffic and maybe even making some money. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be this antsy about making that decision. You’re close, but not quite there yet, and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You know, if you could just spend more time working on your blog, you could get there, but you don’t have that time because of your job. So let’s take a look at your options.

Advertise for guest bloggers

If your blog’s getting traffic then you should be able to find plenty of guest bloggers willing to trade content for a backlink. Set up a page letting them know what type of content you’re looking for and what your traffic numbers are and use guest bloggers to take some of the load off.

Talk to your blogging network

You’re probably all in the same boat and you probably each have certain days of the week where you have at least an hour of free time. If everybody writes one blog post for someone else in the network, that’s another post for your blog. Plus, you’ll be building backlinks while you’re at it.

Trade chores

I can write an article in 15 minutes but it takes my friend an hour. On the other hand, it takes me all day to set up an HTML landing page. Every blogger and strengths and weaknesses. Talk to your friends and trade chores.

Ask your friends and family

Your kids are on Facebook all night long and even your granny can figure out how to use Twitter. Give them your password and have them take over some of your socializing. They’ll probably be better at it than you are and they’ll love the opportunity to help you.

And since you’re bringing your friends and family into the picture, have somebody watch you work for a few days. Seriously. Even the most organized person on the planet wastes time somewhere. Maybe you just need to re-prioritize and reorganize to get you over this hump.

Ask for technical assistance

Are you using WordPress? If you are, there’s probably a plug in for that. A plug in for what? Anything you need! Talk to other bloggers and find out what software and plugins they’re using to save time and increase productivity. You might think you’ve seen it all but I bet you haven’t.

Surprised, aren’t you? You thought I was going to tell you to start outsourcing your content. But what sense would that make? That would only cut into your profits and make it that much more difficult for you to quit that day job.

Outsourcing would get the job done quicker, maybe, but why spend the money if you don’t have to?

So relax. Take you time and keep building your business.

Worry about quitting your day job when it’s no longer a major decision.


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  1. Gaurang Joshi

    Well that’s really a tough call to quit a job and chose blogging as a full time carrier. One should be mentally prepared to face the consequences after leaving the job. Because blog stats are never going to be same always especially after Google making so many changes in there algorithms.

    1. Steven

      I have to agree that it’s not a decision one should take lightly. But if your goal is to be financially independent while being your own boss, there is some point where you should just go for it.

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