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There are all sorts of reasons why you should take a step back before you dive into a new blog. For one thing, there are only so many hours in a day. You’re already busy with your established blog and it takes a lot of time and effort to start another one. Do you have the extra time to devote to a new blog and if not, what will happen to your existing blog?

We could sit here and talk about the pros and cons of starting a new blog all day long and still have plenty of questions left over for the next day. So instead, let’s just take a look at five reasons it’s good to start a new blog.

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1- It reminds you why you love blogging

A new blog is always exciting and exhilarating but we sometimes forget how much fun blogging is after we get bogged down in the little day to day chores we have to do. The newness wears off fast.

Starting a new blog reminds you what it is you love about blogging. Focusing on those first posts so you make a good first impression. Coming up with that first huge list of post ideas. Choosing colors and fonts, setting up categories. And most of all, planning how you’re going to build a successful business.

And let’s not forget the readers because they’re part of the attraction of blogging. When you start a new blog you’ll get to meet a whole new audience.

All of this excitement and creativity reminds you why you love blogging, and it will carry over to give you a fresh perspective on your existing blog.

2- You can try new tools and techniques

Once your blog is established and has a regular flow of traffic it’s not a good idea to go tinkering around with new plug-ins and experimenting with new marketing techniques. But those tools and techniques might help your existing blog, you’ll never know until you try.

Start a new blog so you have a place you can experiment. If you don’t want to start a whole new venture, set up a private blog on a sub-domain so you can see how things work before you introduce them to your readers.

3- You can explore new blog designs

A few years ago I really wanted to try the Thesis theme but I didn’t want to play around with it on my existing blog. Again, once your blog is established it’s best to stop tweaking and be consistent. Changes are fine, but if you want to really dig into the coding on a new theme and play awhile, it’s best to set up a new blog.

4- You can try a new voice

So many things can jeopardize an established blog and changing voices is one of them. Your readers will think your blog is under new ownership if you just stop being “you” and start being “someone else.” Want to try a humorous voice, or be a sarcastic…? Start a new blog and give it a try.

5- It might be a new income stream

Start a new blog for any of the above reasons and who knows, it might turn out to be another source of income. Be careful, though…

These five reasons don’t have anything to do with making money. Before you start a new blog for the specific reason of making money, you’ll want to put a lot more thought into it because it’s a huge investment of time and energy. But if you just want to get back your mojo or test a new theme, voice or design, then by all means, start a new blog and have some fun.

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