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Modern students are learning at a time when there is lots of technology advancement taking place in the world. Today thanks to the internet, students are able to get educated online via computers through online degree and masters programs.

Tutors and lecturers can easily lecture students from diverse locations of the world online. Students are now able to easily get quality education during their part-time and they don’t necessarily have to be physically present at the universities. The modern student can now even make money online performing online freelancing writing jobs all thanks to a computer and the internet.

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There is a variety of online jobs available on the web that students can take during their spare time to make some extra cash. As a student you can use your skills to get online jobs or you could also develop new skills and then take on the various online jobs for students.

If you are a student seeking to find genuine online freelancing jobs, you will find them here in this article piece. Just keep reading below and you will find a detailed list of some freelancing jobs here:

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the most promising online jobs for students that can help them make some extra cash quick. All you have to possess is a knack for writing, good grammar, and good research skills. A good computer plus reliable internet connection also comes in handy for a great freelance writer.

There are various online writing jobs available in a number of freelancing sites on the web. Some of the most common writing tasks include; article writing, search engine optimized copy writing, blog article writing, website content writing, web copy pages creation and so much more. Most clients assign jobs to the freelancer and share the details required of the job then the writer is required to submit the completed work in a set deadline.

If you are interested in any freelance writing you have the option of picking writing jobs from a live job board or simply bid on a job and wait for the client to award you the job. Different freelancing sites for writers have their varied criteria for accepting writers on their platform before the writers are permitted to start bidding. There are those that will require that you first take English grammar test, while some will ask you to submit samples of your work for review. Once you have passed all the requirements you will then be accepted into the platform as a professional freelance writer. One good example of such online freelance writing that you could get online freelance writing work is Upwork Global Inc.

In most instances the writing jobs are paid per word count or on a project basis. There are some that are however paid on hourly basis. Just to help you get more details of top writing freelancing sites here is a list for you to check out:

Data entry

Another great way for a student to make some extra cash online is performing some simple data entry tasks online. All that is required for you to do data entry jobs is some basic computer operation skills and accurate typing skills. Such work can easily be performed from the comfort of your sofa.

Most data entry jobs require that you have super-fast typing skills to be able to perform the tasks quick for your clients. Accuracy is also needed as wrong entry of data is never condoned by the clients that issue such work.

Virtual assistant jobs

There are so many opportunities for virtual jobs online and the good thing is that they usually don’t require any special expertize or skills to do. College and university students can easily tackle them using their organizational and communication skills. Virtual assistant tasks may include tasks such as data entry, social media management, website maintenance, and other related services.

Payment for virtual assistant jobs vary based on the task performed by the freelancer but some can pay well up to over $50 per hour.

Online Translation jobs

Well, for you to consider translation jobs at least you should be bilingual or already are studying linguistics in college. You can use your knowledge of diverse languages to make extra cash online. There are people and companies that frequently seek translation services from qualified people to help them translate documents in various languages.

As long as you are proficient in three or more international languages including; Chinese Mandarin, English, French, German, and Russian you can provide online written translation services to clients.

Taking online surveys

Last on this list of the best ways for students to make money writing online is taking paid online surveys.

As a student you can take on a paid survey that you feel you fit the demographic that is targeted and make some extra cash online.


The prospect of earning money online is feasible for any student out there. All you have to do is make sure you are capable of handling work that you apply to be awarded. Once you are awarded work, ensure that you do it perfectly in order to grow a great online portfolio. Once you have shining portfolio of work, clients will automatically be seeking your services on their own!

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