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Those article directories will tell you that if you publish your articles on their site other bloggers will use them as content on their own blogs, carrying your links along, too.

In theory it sounds good: When you need content just go copy and paste an article.

After all, that’s what it’s there for.

But here are reasons why I don’t use free articles on my blogs.

Poor Quality

Most webmasters use article directories to build backlinks and the only attention they pay to quality is the bare minimum it takes to get their article published. Yes, I feel safe using the word “most.

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I know of one particular webmaster who had more than 3,000 articles in just one sub-category at a popular directory, and not one single article exceeded 250 words. (This guy covers a few dozen sub-categories so you can imagine how many articles he’s published.)

When Google came through with the first Panda/Farmer update, this popular article directory deleted thousands of this webmaster’s articles and within one month he was back up to more than 3,000 again. You don’t produce that many articles that fast and focus on quality while you’re at it.

Not Engaging

Most articles in the directories have been written in an informational-style with little of the author’s personality shining through. Used sparingly that’s fine for a blog, but not all the time. A blog should make a personal connection with readers, not sound like it was written by an encyclopedia salesman.

Not Unique

If I do find an article I think has possibilities, chances are other bloggers have seen it, too, and they’re using it on their blogs. I’ve seen instances where the first two pages of Google were all the exact same article published on different blogs. Exactly! Anybody who knows how to build links could get to the top of the index and stay there while your blog falls to the bottom of the heap.

Not Relevant For Your Readers

While there’s always the question of Google’s idea of duplicate content, I’m more concerned about using content that’s not relevant to my specific audience. My readers might be able to find similar information on the Web, but they know I’m going to present it in a way that makes it easier to understand for beginning bloggers.

What To Do Instead Of Using Free Articles

Using those free articles might seem like a time-saver but they’re really not. You have to search and search to find anything of quality and in that time you could have produced something of better quality that would be more relevant for your readers.

But eventually you’re going to really be concerned about saving time and still maintaining your posting frequency. When that happens, instead of using free articles, consider bringing on a blogging partner who can produce content on a regular basis. A partner, or regular contributor, will be able to get to know your readers and their needs and he’ll be able to produce relevant content that’s unique to your blog.

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  1. Paul Salmon

    There was a time when one of the most popular SEO tips was article submission. Since the first Google Panda algorithm change, article submission has taken a huge hit – unless you are the guy you mentioned in your post.

    With the article submissions, the use of those articles on blogs was also big. Many people didn’t realize that free didn’t necessary mean good, and many of those blogs suffered because of the poor quality of the articles.

    For me, I accept guest posts, but publish the posts that I find add value, knowledge, and differing opinions than mine. I also have a minimum word count so there will be no 250 word posts published. I also have a few authors that contribute from time to time.

  2. Chuck Bartok

    Thanks again for your candor.
    Your readers should take note that there is REAL long term Financial benefit from building your business on a solid foundation of Quality!

    Also using too much outside information masks YOUR personality …
    People usually buy long term
    feom those the KNOW, like and Trust.

  3. Julie

    I would love to have a regular contributor for my blog, unfortunately I am not at the point where I could pay that person. I do have guest posts, but I would love to have one or two people who contributed on a regular basis.

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