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FPTraffic Review: Exploiting Facebook for Free Traffic and Profits

A few months ago, I published a very personal post detailing the struggles I’ve been going through for the past couple years.

To give you the skinny, shit happened, campaigns failed, big money was lost, and I was left with not so much.

Since I’m not the type of person who gives up when facing adversity, after some time off, I started putting together a plan of action to get back on tracks and put money into my bank account.

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I went ahead and wrote down the tasks that I needed to perform to reach success again. Then I took action on it!

That being said, I’d like to share something very specific that I’ve been doing for the past few months to get more traffic to my websites (and more money in my pockets).

Let me tell you that it REALLY helped to get me back into the money…

Exploiting Social Media To Get Free Traffic

You see, social networks have been around for a long time now…

And it’s no secret that they can send tremendous amounts of traffic your way.

Unfortunately, taming that beast requires a lot of work.

I don’t know if you’re aware of it yet, but with all the recent updates on Facebook, it becomes increasingly difficult to engage people.

Facebook rewards people and pages who are regularly contributing engaging content.

I’ll repeat that to let it sink in: Facebook rewards people and pages who are regularly contributing engaging content.

There are 2 keywords in that sentence: REGULARLY and ENGAGING.

I took some time to study what the big pages on Facebook are doing and the kind of results they are seeing.

If you check the most popular pages on Facebook (both in terms of Page Likes and Post Activity), you’ll notice a few things.

First of all, all the pages that are constantly growing are posting new content on a regular basis. At least once a day, but sometimes up to 10 or 20 times a day.

It’s also interesting to note that they are not only posting frequently, but they are also posting content that’s receiving Likes, Comments and Shares.

As you probably already know, Facebook is not showing all your updates to the people who like your page anymore.

I think it’s pretty stupid because if people like your page, they obviously want to hear from you… But that is not the subject.

In order to decide who sees your updates, Facebook first sends your post to a sample of your audience.

The exact number is not public knowledge, but I suspect it increases if your posts are generally getting more social interaction. Think of it as some kind of Social Quality Score.

So, based on the average social interactions of your previous posts, Facebook selects a sample of your audience and sends your update to their news feed.

If people interact with the post, it then goes to a bigger sample of you audience… and so on, until eventually all your fans see it (reaching 100% probably never happens anymore, but you get the idea).

Social Quality Score decreases over time. To keep it high, you need to constantly post engaging updates.

That being said, you and I don’t have a big team of editors to curate content to share with the people who like our pages. So I searched for a tool that could help me automate part of the process…

Thankfully, my friend Luke came up with a tool that lets you do just that: FPTraffic.

Get More Fans & Engagement With FPTraffic


When I say that you need to regularly share content with your audience to grow engagement, I don’t mean constantly writing fresh content. It can be as simple as regularly sharing pictures!

The biggest problem when you want to post regularly to your Facebook page is that it’s a very repetitive task that you need to do every single day…

  1. Find a photo,
  2. Download the photo,
  3. Upload to Facebook,
  4. Schedule it,
  5. Rinse & repeat!

Stop the madness! There must be a better way!

FPTraffic is a tool allows you to find and schedule photos super easily.

Let me walk you through the whole process.

1. Pages Tab

fptraffic pages

Once you login, the first tab to check is “Pages“. Make sure the page you want to post to is right there.

2. Schedules Tab

fptraffic schedules

Select the page you want to post to and hit the “Update Schedule” button. Then select the times to post new content (Use the CTRL key to select more than 1 time).

Tip: If you’re not sure about the timezone, check the bottom of the page. You’ll see the current Server Time.

3. Photos Tab

fptraffic photos

The next step is to actually get the images you’re going to post to your page from the “Photos” tab. You can select your images from Bing, Tumblr or upload them manually.

Simply enter a keyword and you’ll get countless images that you can schedule with a single click!

4. Posts Tab

fptraffic posts

Finally, there is an optional step: adding captions to the images.

Just go to the “Posts” tab, select the right page and hit the “View Posts” button. You can then add captions to all the images you want.

Saving A Ton Of Time!

As you can see, the process is very straight forward. It gets even easier after you’ve done the initial schedule setup since you only have to go through steps 3 and 4.

From that point, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to schedule your Facebook updates for a full month!

You’ll be amazed to see your Facebook Fans growing at an increased pace thanks to that tool.

My Likes Are Growing, Then What?

Now that you are growing an engaged audience, it’s time to capitalize on it: share your blog posts on your page!

You will be able to get likes and send new visitors to your website. And we all know that new visitors equals more subscribers to your email list, and more product sales.

Getting more visitors is nice, but what about also getting more money in your pocket?

1. Basic Monetization: Amazon Products

The easiest way to make some money from your fresh audience is to share products directly from Amazon with your fans.

If you don’t have an Amazon affiliate account yet, you can signup there.

Simply select products that are closely related to the niche of your Facebook Page, and don’t overwhelm your fans with product links.

I like to keep the ratio below 10%.

Which means that (at most) I will share one product from Amazon after sharing 9 pictures. The sweet spot will not be the same for every niche, test different numbers for best results.

Tip: Instead of sharing Amazon products links by themselves, add the links in the captions of your images. This way it will not look like spam at all.

2. Advanced Monetization: Teespring Custom Shirts

Another way to make money from your Facebook audience is by selling custom shirts from Teespring.

I won’t go into every details of this technique because it’s completely explained in the member area of FPTraffic and it wouldn’t be fair for the other members to make it public here.

To give you an idea, Teespring is an online shirt merchant that allows you to sell shirts without paying anything upfront.

You can easily create a campaign for your custom shirt, your fans buy it, and they get produced only if you reach a certain shirt number (that you decided yourself).

If you don’t reach the threshold, people simply get refunded. All in all, there is zero risk involved for you.

The idea is to create custom shirts that fit the niche of your Facebook page.

Luke made close to 5 figures on Facebook with that exact technique. Please don’t tell him that I shared that information with you ;)

FPTraffic is providing a ton of value by itself and it will save you a lot of time.

And Luke decided that it wasn’t enough already… There is an extensive “Guides” section available in the members area. You will learn other advanced monetization techniques there.

fptraffic guides

Words Of Wisdom

The main goal of FPTraffic is to supercharge the growth, and simplify the management of your Facebook fan pages.

You’re free to do whatever you want with these fans! Traffic, subscribers, money, … you name it. The possibilities are endless!

PS: Since I’ve known Luke for several years, I asked him to make a special offer for my readers. He agreed to decrease the price from $30 per month, to $10 per month, just for you.

PPS: This special price won’t last forever, but if you signup at $10 per month, the price will be locked and it will never increase.

PPPS: I don’t know how long the special discount will last. Signup right now by clicking the button above if you want to secure this exclusive price.


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  1. Carmen

    Great tips here! Never thought of the T-shirt selling one, but it’s a great idea.
    The photo sharing tool is helpful too – can you schedule to Instagram? That would be perfect if you could… I still can’t find an app that does that.

    1. Steven

      Kudos to Luke for the Shirt idea ;)

      The tool being called Facebook Pages Traffic, it’s exclusively targeted at sharing content to Facebook, for now.

    2. Luke

      The Instagram API does not give the ability to post, which is why you having trouble finding an app that’ll let you schedule. Hopefully they add the ability soon and I’m sure a bunch of developers will jump all over the opportunity :)

  2. Robert Connor

    We like this one Mr. Steven we all need traffic!

    1. Steven

      Glad you liked the idea Robert!

  3. Olayinka

    Thanks for the information, hardly i find visitors coming from Facebook to my page but with what you have share i will apply the tricks to my traffic wizard mind.

  4. Luke

    I really appreciate the review Steven! Glad you like FPT :)

    If anyone has any questions feel free to post or you can contact me directly.


  5. Kevin

    In step 4, when you say you add captions to photos, does this add captions on top of the actual photo, or just a caption in the update status box?

    Also, can this pull photos from reddit too?

    1. Luke

      It’s a caption in the status box of the photo, not actually on the photo.

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