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Believe it or not, your blog is a piece of Internet Real Estate, and as such, it has some monetary value, just like a piece of regular Real Estate. And, like offline investment property, the more developed your blog is, and the better it’s location, the more valuable it is. If you’re looking to pick up some extra cash, here are 10 tips for selling your website on Flippa.com. an online auction site for Internet Real Estate.


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Your blog should be making money

Obviously, you’ll get a lot more money for your blog or website if it’s already making money. And $5 or $10 a month isn’t what most buyers are looking for. If you blog isn’t bringing in at least $300 a month consistently, then don’t expect a very good offer at Flippa. You might want to consider hanging onto it for a while until you build up the sales.

Install Google Analytics

The first thing everybody at Flippa looks at is your Google Analytics and it’s pretty much the only statistical proof they’ll accept. Install it on your blog now, whether you’re considering selling or not. You might end up with someone who’s willing to pay big bucks, but he’ll have to see the stats for the last 6 months first.

Scope out the competition

Take a look at recent auctions and see what’s selling these days and what kind of prices people are getting. In other words, learn the marketplace before you just dive in. You’ll be surprised at some of the high-quality websites and blogs you see – and some of the prices they’re bringing.

Set your auction for 7 days

If you go less than 7 days some people might not see your auction. Some sellers give their auctions a full 30 days and that’s just too much. Interested buyers don’t want to start bidding early in the game and they forget about it by the time the 30 days roll around.

Build your Flippa Trust Rating

Each buyer and seller on Flippa has a Trust Rating and it’s a pretty big deal. Do everything you can to build this rating – fill out your profile and verify your account and make sure you can upload Google Analytics.

Be realistic with your Buy It Now price

If your site’s worth it you might have a buyer who’s willing to pay your BIN price just to avoid a long, drawn-out auction. But that’s not going to happen if you price your site too high. Remember, your site is only worth $1000 if someone is willing to pay that much. Again, learn the marketplace and you’ll be able to judge a realistic price for your site.

Start with a low reserve

People hate bidding and bidding and seeing that “Reserve Not Met” sign, so they just don’t. Set the reserve low but set the minimum bid high. That way, the auction gets that green light that says “Reserve has been met” and people start bidding.

Be honest in your description

The buyers at Flippa.com know how to buy websites and they also know how to research your site before they start bidding. If you stretch the truth on even one little aspect of your site, someone will call you on the carpet and your credibility will be shot.

Why is this blog for sale?

It’s not a requirement, but you’ll want to include your reason for selling in your auction description. If you list a site that’s getting a million visitors a month and making $1000, you can bet your boots someone is going to ask why you’re selling.

Answer all comments

Do not ignore comments on Flippa. Especially if they’re questions. And especially if you’re a first-time seller. Again, your credibility is at stake and if they don’t trust you they’re not going to buy your blog.


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  1. Tech Raft

    Now here is an interesting thing, that is luck. One of the guy from my country, he started a website ‘gagism’. It is a funny picture blog, and he generated traffic I think around 2Mil a month. And after exact 7 months he sold that website for $100K on flippa.

    Interestingly, we bloggers think, that it was this guys luck more than the quality and other stuff.

    1. Steven

      I don’t think it was luck… He probably had a good plan from the very beginning.

    2. Tech Raft

      Probably, but that’s not what he presented in the two conferences. Obviously no one want to share the secrets :)

    3. Steven

      What is he saying? That he got lucky? Then he “magically” goes to conferences to tell about his success story? ;)

    4. Tech Raft

      basically he is emphacizing on cashing out oppirtunity in the moment, and that he was blessed and stuff.

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