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We’ve all been through it, so you’re not alone. You’ve tried and tried to make a go of this Internet Marketing thing and all you seem to be doing is spinning your wheels. You’re tired, you’re frustrated, you may even be broke and on the verge of panic. But don’t give up. Like I said, we’ve all been there done that. Here’s why you’re failing and how to stay strong during those times of failure, so you can come out triumphant on the other side.

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stay strong in times of failure

Why everybody fails at something all the time?

Most people fail for one of three reasons:

  1. Poor planning: Deciding that you’re going to quit your job and start blogging for a living is a monumental, life-altering decision. One which requires no small amount of advance planning. Did you do the research to find out everything you need to know to make money blogging or did you just close your eyes and jump? Did you plan ahead and sock some money away to tide you over? Did you start learning about blogging while you still had a job? Did you make a plan for handling child care, family responsibilities, personal obligations and all those other things that take you away from your blogging tasks?
  2. Poor execution: A lot of people do start out with a plan but working online is so foreign and there are so many different methods you can use that it doesn’t take much to become distracted. When you’re punching a time clock someone else picks up the slack if you don’t get the job done. But when it’s just you it’s crucial that you follow through with your plans and do whatever it takes to meet your goals. If you don’t do it, nobody else will.
  3. Fear: Believe it or not some people are just too afraid. They’re afraid to sit down and blog about something because they don’t think they can write. They’re afraid to jump into the social networks and promote because they don’t think people will listen. Some people even sabotage their own chances for success because they’re afraid of being successful. They don’t feel like they deserve it so they subconsciously cause their own failure.

As you can see there are a number of reasons people fail. But failure doesn’t have to be permanent. Thomas Edison created 10,000 light bulbs before he finally made one that worked. The key is being able to recognize that you’re on the wrong path and that it’s time to find a new one.

How to stay strong in times of failure so you can achieve success?

Re-evaluate your goals: If your original goal was to quit work and make money blogging, you’ve already realized that’s not specific enough. You need to set clear goals with a time limit otherwise you’ll get distracted and end up right back where you are now. How much money do you need to earn and when do you need to have it? After you answer that question you’ll be better able to devise a plan to earn it.

Make a new plan: Now that you know how much money you want to earn and how fast you want to earn it, you can create a realistic plan for meeting that goal. What kind of blogging are you going to do? Will you create affiliate blogs? Will they be micro-niche blogs? Or will you be selling your own products or maybe promoting one of your local business? What’s the best way you know to earn the amount of money you need in the time you have allotted to earn it? Make a new plan and stick to it.

Gain the knowledge you need to succeed: No matter what anyone tells you there are no short cuts to instant success on the Internet. There are certain things you need to know and if you don’t know them you’ll never succeed. If your lack of knowledge is holding you back then bite the bullet and get some help.

Take action: Don’t let your past failures keep you from moving ahead. Too many people look at a failure as the end of the road. But all it really means is that you need to find a new path. Every time you fail at something you learn what not to do the next time. So failure is actually a positive thing. It means you have one less thing to learn before you can be successful. Now get back in the game, stay strong and be successful!


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