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When it comes to social media, few sites hold the power that Facebook does. It gives you the ability to truly connect with an audience and develop a personal relationship. As a blogger, it also gives you the chance to see what your readers want from you. However, that is not all that Facebook is good for. A qualified blogger can use this social media site to find quality content for their next post. While that seems to be a bit much to expect from the site, it is entirely possible if you know what to do to achieve it.

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Before you begin it is important to remember your site and what the purpose of it is. This allows you to only find the content that will be successful for your site. Rather than waste time scanning through information that will not be beneficial, you can focus your efforts on those things that are relevant. Of course, this should always be in your mind when you post. The entire goal of your post is to give your readers information that they want presented in a style they have come to expect. So never look for content ideas that go against that basic goal.

Much can be accomplished simply by reading the posts that your friends and fans create. Depending on the theme of your site, you may easily find topic ideas in a status that you would not have thought of on your own. Looking for current trends, fads, news and events that are related to your basic blog topic will give you significant ideas for what you can present to your readers. If you focus on current events, then adding news sites to your friend list will give you plenty of immediate sources of information and ideas. The same is true for virtually any other style of content. You can select pages to like and people to become a fan of that will give you insider information into your niche.

On the same lines, your own friends and fans can easily give you ideas. Using Facebook as a tool has become common with businesses and bloggers. Start a conversation and watch the responses. See exactly what your readers and fans want to talk about and find out. Ask questions that incite specific responses and gauge what others are looking for. Do not be generic and ask what they want you to post. Find a topic and ask questions that provoke a realistic and informative answer. You may easily find your next few ideas.

Because of the popularity of Facebook many are using it for business purposes. The fact that you can easily interact not only with friends but with your readers gives you an opportunity to truly get into their minds. When you know what is going on in the world and how your readers feel about it, those post ideas will come effortlessly. You have the opportunity to stay abreast of the niche you are in as a reader yourself and stay informed about what your own readers are expecting. There is no better way to create content.


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  1. Ryan

    Good information about Facebook! Thanks

  2. John

    It’s easy to get “content block” when you’re a web publisher, but you made a good point about using Facebook and other blogs as a resource to get ideas.

    See what works for others and apply similar techniques to your own work.

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