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Trying to optimize your Facebook marketing campaign becomes easier if you know what to do and what not to do. Realize this; most social media users have no idea how to effectively use the network to grow their online or offline businesses.

The majority of folks hop on the social site and begin to pitch their business opportunity to every person who happens to fall within their network. This is akin to walking into someone’s home for the first time and plastering your business card into the homeowner’s hand before you bother to introduce yourself. The offline approach sounds ridiculous but the online, Facebook marketing tact that many use is just as absurd.

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facebook marketing

Visualize the social network as a meeting space where individuals can mingle. You give and take. You share and receive. If you simply intend to make friends with people by helping folks out you will have few problems building your Facebook marketing campaign on the most solid of foundations.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Avoiding Facebook marketing mistakes proves to be a challenge. Example; I was a desperate, excited marketer during my early Facebook days. I wanted to meet as many people as possible, posting updates every few minutes, attempting to post comment on as many status updates as much as possible and generally making all the rookie mistakes you see all too often.

Nobody told me you were not supposed to do this stuff. I had the right intentions but I was going about making friends all the wrong way. Once I followed Facebook marketing pros I naturally learned that making these mistakes repelled successful, influential people who could quickly help me expand my presence online.

Be an intelligent marketer. Learn Facebook marketing by following people with large, responsive friend networks. These individuals know how to work FB on a daily basis so simply read their posts, take notes and apply the knowledge to work Facebook the right way.

1. Adding People to Groups without their Consent

One pet peeve which agitates virtually all Facebook marketing entrepreneurs; being added to a group without your consent. I just removed myself from groups dealing with Latinos and natural healing methods. I have no idea why I was added to either group and am even more perplexed as to why I was added without anyone asking me.

facebook marketing adding people to groups

If you are dreaming about prospering Facebook marketing ideas I suggest you cross this one off of the list immediately. Nobody will like the guy or gal who adds them to a group without their consent. You simply set someone up to be overwhelmed with spam.

Really, how am I interested in groups related to topics outside of my online business niche? Any Facebook marketing expert knows that the commonality between friends is where the money flows as far as social media marketing goes. Once you make a connect with someone over some common bond then you can build a stronger relationship with the individual.

Once you are friends with the person – usually this takes at least a few weeks – feel free to ask the individual is they would like to be added to a Facebook Group. Only add these folks if they answer with a “Yes”; never assume that anybody wants to be part of a group until you get the OK.

2. All Business All Day Long With Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing 101 – Never post business stuff all day long. You look like a bore who has no life and boring people rarely inspire individuals. I wrote at least 7 posts today, so far, yet a healthy number of my Facebook status updates involved posting images from my trip to Manuel Antonio national park in Costa Rica.

My girlfriend and I saw 2-toed sloths, 3-toed sloths, iguanas, birds, monkeys and caiman in a park which has been touted one of the top 12 national parks on earth. We had fun so I wanted to share the cool pictures we snapped of each creature on my Facebook page.

facebook marketing all business all day long

Using Facebook for marketing means reminding people you, in fact, are a person, not some machine who creates content and makes money. I write 7 posts daily, and I have churned out a combination of 24 blog posts and articles in a SINGLE day, and I still have a life.

I am hungry to succeed so I get to work, and I also play hard too, so my Facebook buddies see that I am a person who these people can connect with, someone who can help them write posts, or build their blog, or someone who can simply listen when they wish to vent.

Be a person no a profile and you will quickly inspire your Facebook buddies instead of boring your network to death. Facebook marketing success builds itself on the idea of opening up and posting non-business related information to more easily connect with like-minded people.

3. No Profile Picture

Posting your picture on Facebook influences people to trust you more easily. On the flip side of things, not posting your image causes people to mistrust you. Imagine meeting a potential friend at a party. You walk into the get together and are introduced to someone wearing a bag over their head.

facebook marketing no profile picture

You might label the person insane, at best, and a total low life at worst, because only scared people who have something to hide are fearful to show their face. Savvy Facebook marketing pros know that posting a smiling head shot as your avatar can help people get to know you better. Posting an image of a cat or dog or some super hero is not the way to go, unless you are using Facebook for personal purposes only.

Most people reading this blog post are individuals who want to boost their blog traffic or expand their online business so if you fall into this crowd you better post a smiling head shot of yourself to convey a professional, high energy image which vibes with your target audience.

Open up. Allow people to see you – literally – so Facebook buddies can easily connect with you. Once you share your image people can form a human bond with you because yes, you just proved in an explicit manner that you are human.

4. Too Much Information

TMI is a big problem in the Facebook marketing world. Some people go in depth about stuff that few of their friends care about. I am talking about stuff that is flat out boring to content which is posted in poor taste. Nobody really wants to see pictures of your tonsils and a few people might be interested in the fact that you recently brushed your teeth.

too much information

Feel free to share that you are headed to the gym or running on the beach but refrain from discussing that you need to go to the bathroom. Again, nobody cares, and you will likely lose more friends than gain more buddies by sharing way too much information.

Stick to the essentials. Create value related to your niche and share personal details that inspire individuals. You might post images of yourself living your dreams, taking vacations to tropical locales, or reaching your weight loss goals, or hitting your business goals. Share these type of updates and leave the TMI stuff to the side if you wish to optimize your Facebook marketing campaign.

5. Little Activity

Think of Facebook marketing like a newspaper. If you want to make an impact you must show up daily. If you really want to make an impact you will post multiple status updates daily. Take the time to treat your Facebook account like a professional; use a combination of automation and manual updates to provide your friends with a steady stream of fascinating content.

little activity

Facebook failures generally post too little information and expect individuals to take note of their profiles. I note that each day where I travel my Facebook activity seems to drop off quickly. Each day where I work the network effectively, connecting with people and sharing status updates at least 5 to 10 times daily, my friend requests jump and I generally receive more opt ins too.

Never spend more than 1 or 2 days away from Facebook, at least if you are a serious online entrepreneur. Facebook marketing improves your overall marketing campaign if you persistently program individuals to respond to your helpful, valuable message. Show up daily and you can make a serious impact on your buddies.

Facebook Marketing No No’s Summary

Study Facebook marketing pros. Avoid silly mistakes which you might be making in order to shorten your learning curve on the social network.

Do you make any of these Facebook marketing mistakes? How can you better connect with your friend network?

Be honest, as refusing to admit your errors makes your job much more difficult. I lied to myself for many months before admitting that I made most of these grave errors. Once I was honest and truthful with myself I could correct these errors and improve your Facebook marketing campaign.

How are you using Facebook? Do you view the social network as a meeting space? Are you using the network as a 2 way street?

What other Facebook marketing mistakes can you add to this list?


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  1. Kapil Jekishan

    Nice overview Ryan – I have consistently seen point 1 been abused on a number of occasions. Adding individuals without consent is just another form of spam. Facebook and the Edgerank algorithm places a lot of emphasis on visuals so agree that rather than going on about how much you lifted at the gym, use a photo instead.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Kapil I just wrote about this on 1 of my blogs ;)

      Adding people without their permission only creates a ton of updates people wish not to see, then the crowd must waste time leaving groups.

      Bad one all around. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ishan

    Having a good profile picture!

    I have no idea why so many people just forget it. The first thing that I do when setting up a FB page is going to Graphic River and get a good template. Then just 5-10 minutes of photoshop replacements and I have a high quality profile!

    I am a bit guilty of little activity but I am slowly ramping up the efforts.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Cool Ishan, keep boosting your efforts and you will most certainly see top shelf returns in the long run.

      People love eye candy; give them a reason to stick around, by using images, and you will become magnetic. Thanks!

  3. Mark

    these are insider tips. You know what you are talking about. Yes people do make a lot of mistakes in Facebook marketing probably because they don’t know the basics or they are too lazy to take the right actions that require time. Nice read, thanks.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Being lazy is a biggie Mark. Simply think through your campaign then take the necessary steps to grow your venture quickly.

      You can succeed in little time if you take all the right steps..few people show this discipline though. Thanks!

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