Facebook List Building How to Do it Right?

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Facebook List Building: How to Do it Right?

Anyone who has been around the internet marketing scene for any amount of time will no doubt have run into the phrase “list building“. List building is basically where an individual builds a list of email addresses and subscribers. People who run sites in the weight loss niche may offer free reports on how to lose weight for people who subscribe to their list. Whilst the offer of a free report seems too good to resist to subscribers, they don’t realise that once they’re on the list, they’ll have premium products, eBooks, guides and other things marketed to them. This, in essence, is the art of list building.

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Build a list with Facebook, are you mad?

Most people think that building a list is only possible with email addresses – and to a degree it is. What most people don’t appreciate however is just how powerful a strong following on social media sites like Facebook can be. If you can get people to “Like” your Facebook page, every time you post a status update, it’ll appear in their feed. It’s a bit more primitive than email marketing – but the idea is still the same.

The idea of building a list on Facebook is easy – instead of people opting in to an email newsletter, you need them to instead “Like” your Facebook page. Some people will say that capturing email addresses is easier because it’s not as hard to incentivize optins, which is true to a degree, whilst others will claim that people are much more likely to “Like” a Facebook page than divulge their email address. You could argue it all day – but the fact is a big following on Facebook is a very handy thing to have.

How do I get people to “Like” my Facebook page – and what do I do once I’ve got a following?

Before people can “Like” your Facebook page, you need to get them there first. Have some links to your social media profiles on your sites – if people like what they read they will make the effort to click through and “Like” your page. Once one person likes your page, a snow ball effect can sometimes be observed as other people see they’ve “Liked” your page and follow suit.

What you choose to do once you do have a following is of course the million dollar question. You can pretty much do whatever you like – just don’t expect your “Likes” to stick around if you mistreat them. Typically the best thing to do is to strike up some conversation, stimulate followers and make them interested in you and your page. You can then gradually start to shoe horn in some offers and affiliate links.

If you’ve a Facebook page for wedding dresses and you’ve built up quite a following, you can be sure that a few people following your page are approaching their big day with a few too many pounds on their belly. So why not send your followers a link to a weight loss guide on Clickbank?

It’s not just Facebook “lists” that can be created – followers on other social media networks like Twitter can be just as receptive too.


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