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Running an intelligent Facebook Groups marketing campaign helps you establish your authority and gain the trust of your target market. Intelligent entrepreneurs use the social network with a 2 way street type of approach. Log in to your Facebook account now and observe how the average individual uses the social network. Most people shove their squeeze pages down their friend’s throats or send out endless blog post after blog post without sharing any other form of content.

The smart marketers use Facebook Groups marketing strategies to let light shine upon other online entrepreneurs. Stop talking all day long and start listening on the social site. Reach out to people and develop strong connections by sharing content other than your own, posting valuable comments on niche specific groups and showing up daily to make an impact on the mind of your targeted prospects.

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facebook groups marketing

Give freely on social sites to reap the greatest rewards on sites like Facebook. Focus on building relationships with your Facebook group members to make a lasting impression on the people who might just be interested in joining your team or reading your blog. Selfish bloggers run into strong resistance on social websites. Stop pushing your links and start pushing your buddies’ links to raise the collective energy of each one of your selected groups.

Never post a squeeze page to a group which prohibits you from sharing capture page links. Make it a habit to visit groups and share each member’s content before you share your own link. By doing this you can become wildly popular on FB.

Join only niche specific groups to optimize your Facebook Groups marketing campaign. Avoid wasting your time on groups where people could care less about your message. Ineffective home business entrepreneurs spend their precious time hanging out on personal development groups. Intelligent marketers from the home biz niche only join groups related to the home business industry and build your authority by helping fellow members with their most pressing problems.

Answer any questions you can and be quick to help individuals by Liking their content and posting helpful comments in response to their status updates. By assisting individuals you can gain a large, responsive friend network quickly.

1. Participate For Efficient Facebook Groups Marketing

Participating in Facebook Groups marketing improves your online visibility quickly. Think through your Facebook Groups marketing strategy. If you are just trying to get more traffic you are in serious trouble because in order to get you must first give freely on social networking sites. Take the time to actively participate in these groups to see the many benefits of acting persistently on these networks.

facebook groups marketing participate

The smart FB Group member shares their buddies’ content freely before posting their own links because all benefits flow from aggressively promoting other people. Imagine sharing content from 10 of your fellow Facebook Group members and now visualize yourself receiving share love from only 4 of these individuals. By influencing people to promote your content – because many folks love free givers – you gain access to 4 new social networks.

Leveraging Your Facebook Groups Marketing

This is the all important idea of leveraging in action. If you sow freely on groups you will see many internet marketing Facebook Groups benefits in a minimum amount of time. Be someone who visits groups and shares content daily to see an increase in traffic and opt ins for your blog or website. If you want to know how to market on Facebook ingrain the idea of giving freely on your mind.

Help people and you gain the help of many like-minded individuals. This is the effective approach to marketing on FB.

Are you participating consistently on groups? How can you participate more effectively on Facebook Groups?

2. Create Value Through Your Facebook Groups Marketing

To optimize your Facebook Groups marketing campaign you would be wise to create massive, targeted value which other members can digest and use for their benefit immediately. Check out this post for a good example of helpful content. I intend to create practical tips for Facebook Groups marketing junkies who want to leverage their presence.

Think about problems faced by individuals from within your niche and proceed to create content which resonates with people who join your groups. Everybody who wants to figure out how to market using Facebook should focus on sharing only the highest quality content to their fellow group members. This post will likely get gobbled up and shared quickly by my group members.

facebook groups marketing create value

People want solutions. If you can be viewed as a solutions provider you can easily boost your online reputation and Facebook friend count on the network. Be persistent and be creative to connect with more individuals who might want to consume your product or hire you for your services.

Creating value grows easier if you practice posting to your blog multiple times each day. If you can create videos, blog posts, articles and newsletters you are more likely to churn out content which becomes irresistible to other group members. Build your Facebook Groups marketing campaign on a foundation of helpful, usable and valuable content. You can quickly become popular, gain the rep of being a problem solver and connect with people who want to buy whatever you have to offer to them.

3. Use First Names In Facebook Marketing Campaigns

How does Facebook help businesses? You simply gain the trust of your target marketing if you can personalize your Facebook Groups marketing campaign. Personalizing means using first names when addressing individuals at every possible opportunity. Take 1 to 2 seconds to type in a name before respond to a group comment or status update to make yourself one popular member.

Most people feel too hurried to use first names but think this 1 through; what word do you enjoy hearing more than any other word? The answer is likely your first name, and people who use your first name frequently display that they care enough about you to address you in this manner.

You never waste a second when addressing people by name but you do waste your time if you neglect to use first names on social networking sites because you miss the chance to make a serious impact on other users. Build your Facebook Groups marketing campaign from an intelligent, effective place and use first names to make friends at a quicker pace.

facebook groups marketing use first name

Do not use most others as a measuring stick or role model when learning how to interact with people on Facebook, or any social networking site for that matter. Take the time to grow your Facebook Groups Marketing plan from the perspective of a pro by imitating social media pros. Study the best, adopt their best qualities and become the best.

This is one of the easier tips to follow as you need no experience online whatsoever to use first names when addressing groups members. Simply think about how good it feels when people care enough about you to address you by name. Then put yourself in your Facebook buddies’ shoes.

4. Keep Spam to a Minimum When Posting To Facebook Groups

Spam can ruin your Facebook Groups marketing campaign quickly if low energy types overrun your precious space. Stop allowing spam to soil your groups wall. Only invite reputable members who you trust to create a more pleasant experience for all members.

Forget playing the numbers game if you want to build a solid Facebook Groups marketing plan. Be someone who develops strong connections with people who are leaders from within your niche. In doing this you can easily invite people into your communities without worrying about these folks spamming your wall.

 facebook groups marketing limit spam

Use a “1 strike and you are out” policy if you want to crackdown on spammers in a big way while saving yourself time. If you would like to think through how Facebook marketing for your business can impact your overall internet marketing campaign dwell on the idea of building a serious online reputation.

Observe people who dominate their niche. Many of these folks became wildly successful because they refuse to be associated with low energy, repulsive spammers. By immediately banning spammers you become more attractive to leaders and less attractive to spammers who quickly realize that you do not tolerate this silly form of marketing.

5. Run Your Own Facebook Groups For Better Marketing

Running your own groups optimizes your Facebook Groups marketing experience and establishes your authority on the social networking website. Run your own show. Become a pro. Starting your own group takes only minutes of your time and provides you with immediate and long term benefits quite quickly.

facebook groups marketing your own

People from your niche tend to view you as a respected leader in your field if you run a reputable, valuable, informative group. Stay on top of your group by checking in with members each day. Share helpful, high energy content with your fellow FB friends, your twitter followers and your LinkedIn buddies to build stronger bonds with group members.

If you want to receive the most bang for your Facebook Groups marketing buck start your own niche specific group today.

Do you use Facebook Groups effectively?

How many groups have you joined?

Are you a contributing member on these groups?

What tips can you add to this list?


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  1. James St. John

    Thanks for some keen insights. I appreciate your stress on adding value and building community. I find myself cringing when I see people who are closely related to me (same company, for example) spamming comments. Focusing on the relationships…FB is a social network, after all. Mistakes newbies make…I know I have :)

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Oh yes James, I have cringed at that stuff too lol ;)

      Simply acting like friend, helping folks, makes all the difference in the social sphere.

      Work Facebook Groups persistently and you can see immense returns. Thanks!

  2. Ivin Viljoen

    Hello Ryan. I think with all the information out there it’s easy to make a success of your social media channels, using it in marketing.

    The problem with most channels is that it has to be worked an monitored on a daily basis, a couple time actually, as you mentioned in your last Twitter post here. So, unless you have a good chunk of free time, it’s tough.

    I don’t know how automation tools could help with that as I rarely use them. Do you think they’ll make a difference for me?

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Yes Ivin, tools can help you drive traffic when you are sleeping, or away from the computer.

      Try using the paid edition of hootsuite to reach many groups in minimal time….and yep, this will help you save time too. Thanks!

  3. Robert Connor

    Hi Ryan,
    Facebook can be daunting we like the start your own group idea.

  4. Olayinka

    @Ryan paying for premium edition of Hootsuites is good but in another way round it keep you spamming which can even make people not to read your site or your sales page.

  5. Lisa

    Ryan, what a great way to look at Facebook after all the changes. Getting more involved in groups is a great idea. I’m a member of a couple and particpate in one more than most. I hadn’t thought of doing my own – I can’t imagine finding the time right now but it is something I will put on my bucket list when my offline life calms down a little. Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. Kevin Morgan

    Hi Ryan, you’re right! It’s too easy just posting my own posts, and it makes for poor conversation. I’ll work on more listening and less talking. Tx!

  7. Sam Adeyinka

    Hey Ryan, it’s nice to meet you here on Dukeo. It’s my first time on the site and I am trying to familiarize myself with when suddenly I stumbled upon this post.

    So speaking about Facebook Marketing, it’s for me the best, or let me say used to be the best.

    Now I used the word “used to” because facebook no longer work for me and that’s because I have not really been interacting with people and it has a reason. I will soon be lunching back in full swing into facebook marketing. Trust me!

    And uncle Ryan, you pull off another fantastic post here and this I think is about the second of your many guest posts I am reading. Will try to find the rest. :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us sir!


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