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As I sift through endless online business pitching on Facebook I quickly understand why so many bloggers down the social network. You sow what you reap on FB or any social networking site. If you shove your business opportunity down the collective throat of your buddy network expect to turn off many FBers quite quickly. If you are into Facebook blogging then pay attention.

Sharing value in the right spots is the way to go if you intend to engage in successful Facebook blogging. Value sharers become valuable.

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You have to know where to hang and what to do in order to become a Facebook rock star. I remember my first few months on the network. I copied the masses, posting my squeeze page link to multiple groups and saving my blog links to post on my personal page. Wow. Mistake time. I hurt my reputation and minimized blog traffic by hiding away from my target audience.

facebook blogging connect audience

You can drive traffic through Facebook and boost your subscriber count by pushing your latest blog posts and by aggressively promoting other individuals. The promoting other people bit falls on deaf ears in many circles but hey, this is why bloggers tend to fail miserably on social sites.

This crowd forgets that Facebook blogging works best as a 2 way street. When blogging on Facebook, share your story and listen to the problems of your target market and follow up by actively promoting individuals from within your niche. If you are free to help people you can attract individuals who need your help.

Getting clicks through Facebook benefits you in a few ways; you can boost your search engine rank as Google’s recent changes places a heavy emphasis on social sharing. Gaining the trust of your readers is another key feature of getting love on Facebook. Individuals can connect with a blogger who creates a transparent, open and entertaining profile, and FB provides you with the tools to create such a bio.

Use Facebook to your advantage. Many bloggers fail to open up on the social network. Create an in depth, detailed profile sharing your successes and failures. By being transparent you influence like-minded individuals to trust you and the content which you create on your blog.

Forget hiding behind a blogging logo and begin opening up on Facebook to become a more popular and influential blogger.

Hang on Relevant Facebook Groups

If you want to find potential readers or keep current readers engaged try hanging out on niche specific Facebook Groups. You can even start your own group to establish authority within your niche of choice.

Many bloggers make the mistake of connecting with too many people from outside of the blogging niche, chatting up folks on their main stream. This approach wastes your time on the social network. Place your content and profile in front of prying eyes.

By hanging in areas where you are likely to find new readers you connect more effectively with your blogging audience. Be patient as using social media sites provides you with a long term approach to generating blog traffic. Blogging on Facebook grows easier if you hang in the right spots.

relevant facebook group

One note: join only niche specific groups to generate targeted traffic and develop stronger relationships with your blogging audience. If your blog shares blogging tips join only blogging specific groups to boost your traffic and target your readers effectively. Stay on topic, too. If you stick to your niche you can more effectively boost blog traffic and connect quickly with your readers.

Give before you take on all social media websites. Aggressively promote fellow Facebook blogging buddies by sharing their posts on your social networks. Post helpful comments in response to their latest status updates. Be a Groups junkie and please stop spending most of your time chatting with folks who fall outside of Facebook Groups.

Mix Up Text and Link Status Updates for Effective Facebook Blogging

Nobody likes seeing business links all day long, even if you are sharing your value packed blog posts. Your readers want to see a personality; a real, living, breathing person who speaks without attaching a link to text. Mix up link and text updates to form a stronger bond with your readers.

Changing your status update tempo on Facebook throws off your buddies a little bit which is a great thing. You never want to be fully predictable because at that point, you are boring, and being boring on social sites is the ultimate kiss of death.

Successful bloggers lay out breadcrumbs. Posting a few text only status updates – whether you chat about biz topics or non-biz topics – makes your link updates more clickable.

You serve up a blogging appetizer or a personal update to form a stronger bond with your friends then you follow up with strong, helpful, usable content. You can effectively detach from outcomes by using this approach, an absolute must for any aspiring online business entrepreneur.

Changing up link and text updates makes your links more delectable. Even the most skilled bloggers know better than to shove links down throats all day long because folks eventually ignore these link mad Facebook users. You ignore boring friends.

Posting links all day makes you boring because people desire a change up once in a while, to help them see the person behind the blog. Switch things up to make your links more clickable. Go link-less, at least once in a while.

Facebook Blogging Eye Candy: Pictures Please

Posting images with each blog post makes your Facebook status updates more appealing. Everybody loves eye candy. Facebook thumbnails tend to snag your attention quickly because the average user lives through their senses.

You see something pretty or intriguing and must click to learn more. This is 1 reason why using images or videos to accompany your posts boosts click rates significantly. You can connect with your target audience on a deeper level if you use images freely throughout your posts.

facebook blogging picture

Consider posting 1 to 2 images to each blog post and be sure to flip through your thumbnail previews on Facebook to match the desired picture with your blog post. More people click on posts attached to images because again, few folks can resist flashy eye candy. You can use your own images or visit Flick creative commons to link up to eye-catching images which complement your blog posts.

Think about a few of the top blogs on earth. Sites like Mashable use imagery to boost their page views; if the top pros employ this approach you should follow their lead.

Use Appealing Titles

You can best grab your reader’s attention by crafting intriguing or appealing titles to post to your Facebook status updates. By packing your post into an effective title you can connect with your blogging audience. Spend a few moments to review your most popular blog posts if you want the secret to successful blogging on Facebook.

I am stunned by how few Facebook blogging pros take the time to review their most well read blog posts, as this practice takes a few minutes but reaps tremendous dividends in the long run. Take the time to review past successes, duplicate the success now and draw in hungry readers through your Facebook account.

Facebook users become more sophisticated by the day due to the proliferation of spam and outright garbage copy posted to the average Facebook Blogging Group. You need to create something noteworthy in order to make a serious impact on the social network. You have a split second to snare the average user’s attention; craft an intriguing title to goad Facebook friends into clicking on your blog posts.

Think practical. By crafting practical, problem-solving titles you can instantly boost your social rep and increase your Facebook Shares. Once you wow your readers with creative copy you stick out like a sore thumb. Consider using colorful adjectives and power makes to make your friends take a second look at your blog posts.

Build a Transparent Profile

Transparency is the name of the Facebook blogging game. You can let individuals see the real you so people can more easily connect with you and your story. Build an in depth profile to open up and allow individuals to learn about your past successes and failures. Once you share your life failures individuals can relate with you and trust you more easily.

Everybody likes success stories but people who struggle can more readily relate to your failures. Share where you screwed up, how you corrected these errors and what you are doing now to succeed and your Facebook buddies will become even more inspired by your story.

Facebook Blogging Summary

Facebook is like any social media marketing website. You must give freely to reap the benefits of using these networks.

Being persistent separates you from the blogging herd. Bloggers who share their posts daily and promote other individuals can literally program you into liking them.

You see their value-packed, persistent message day after day and just have to buy into the message which they choose to spread. Show up on days when others take off to have a profound effect on your Facebook blogging friend base.

Do you use Facebook to market your blog?

What tips can you add to this list?


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  1. Sherrilynne Starkie

    Good list, and thanks for the reminder to spend more time in groups. I must try to do this more often, but finding the time is the issue. Social media can be a real time suck both personally and professionally.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. Do your best to make the time to respond and honestly, your job becomes infinitely easier. You do what you do need to and cut back on social media to focus on other ventures.

  2. Cyril Sebastian

    Thanks … useful info! Getting involved in groups makes you know similar people who share same interest. Being a regular reader of your blog, I suggest not to add minimum words limitation to your comments.

    But can you please suggest few group which one should join as a blogger?

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      I know Steven likes to do this – Ryan writing, not my blog ;) – to increase engagement. I like it, but am sure he will hear your feedback. Run a blogging search on Facebook, click the magnifying glass and you can search groups there. Thanks!

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